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You can find the MyeTV Homepage here; the homepage is different if you accessAccess [the simple access to a website as a visitor] logged in or unlogged. It require the registration if you access at it unlogged; when you logged in you can find in it your friendlist, your profile informations and much more feature will be added in the future. The GeoIP application will load the language of your country, if you want a different language you must select the correct language from the menu.

How to view videos

Viewing videos on MyeTV is simple: click on the content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] you want to view and watch it! You can also reach your preferred contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] in a lot of new way and you can preview every content from the timeline.

Login-[Login]: [an act of logging in to a computer, database, website or system]

The login page is accessible by clicking on the button “Login”. You can also login with your account-[Account]: [an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password] without go in the login page, simply go in the top menu in the voice “Login”, insert the username and password in the field and click on the button Login.

Useful Links & updates

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Advertising Services

Advertising services (adv services) of MyeTV is a powerfull application accessible to the registered users ; all our third part agencies work on this application to monetize pages on MyeTV. There are different ways to promote something on MyeTV; if you want to require more informations or particular advertising on MyeTV, please contact us at or by email:

Contextual Advertising

If you save a video in a particular category or with particular tags, the adv in your video can be related to them.

Download Contents

Registered users can download contents (videos or images) on MyeTV, if the owner of the video allow that. Under the video, where available, you can find a button called “Download”. MyApps offer a dedicated app to show the download button and setup your settings (for the content owner-[Content Owner]: [the owner(s) of a content (usually includes all owners of the network that shared it)]).


You can download the Mobile App for MyeTV here:


Upload-[Upload]: [the action by a owners of the network of sending an image or audio or video file (named as content) from the device]

The upload platform (together with MyCloud) is a simple and powerfull application for have all your upload in your hands. Please notice: The upload applications is crossplatform and work on every browser and every devices (mobile app too), but it’s tested only on principal browsers Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. If you have some problem with the upload application in others browser, first try to upload with one of that tested browser; if the error persist, please contact us at we will be happy to reply at your questions. With new updates of March 2010 there are some new features for the upload section:

You can upload this video format:

.avi – .mpeg – .mpg – .mpe -.dat (VCD) – .vob (DVD) – .wmv – .asf – .asx – .mp4 – .mov – .3gp – .3g2 – .3gpp – .dv – .qt – .rm – .rmvb – .mp3 – .flv – .webm – and all types of images (animated gif too)

For upload your videos you need a video and some informations of it; when u select your video (by clicking on “browse” button or by drag it) you must . Remember to do not close the main page manually if you want to continue with the upload.

Conversion (video encoding)

The conversion page save automatically any type of video in an .mp4 (h264) video file ready to be watched with every hardware and software-[Program/Software]: [the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs]; it can will take a few minutes for the conversion process, but it’s fully automatic, you don’t need to do nothing. You can exit from this page, after the conversion is started, when the conversion is finished your video file will be automatically saved and we will notify you with a Private Message if the process is done with success or if there is some kind of errors. If you wait till the finish of the conversion, the system will automatically redirect you in a page where you can take the link of the video file and a link where you can download the video in different format; the blue bar will be refreshed and you can see the percentage of the conversion process and how much miss from the conversion process completed. If you close the conversion page you don’t see the percentage bar more but the system will send you a private message when the encoding is finished.

Video Quality Help

Encoding Quality Help (click to see the explanation of all the encoding profiles)

Compatibility FLASH/HTML5

All the videos uploaded on MyeTV are allowed to run in every system; if you access at the video from a browser that support Flash you can see the video with the Flash Player but if you access from a browser that don’t support Flash you can watch the video with the new HTML5 tag. The videos for HTML5 are encoded for the browser who support the MP4 h264 codec (all the popular webbrowser like IE9, Chrome, Apple Safari, all the popular browsers for mobile and soon it’s announced the compatibility with FireFox too).

Frequently Asked Questions

Viewer problems

I can’t see the player; i see the banner in the middle on the page but i can’t see the video player.

Try to reload or refresh the page; please note, in some cases you need to close all Internet Explorer’s windows and clear your internet temporary files.

I load a portion of the video and now when i close and reopen the video page, the video don’t load completely and it stop at random position.

Close all Internet Explorer pages and go to “Internet Options” and delete all temporary internet files; then turn back to the video page and load the video again till the start.

The video is very slow; the buffer need hours for loading. Can i do something?

Make sure you have a properly connection speed for your video; in some cases the server can be very traffic and full of users. In that cases you can wait till the completely load of the video and then click play or turn back later.

I found some bugs/errors for my operating system / browser; where i can find support and / or report that bug?

You can report an error / bug always in the developer forum at this address:

The flash player freeze the video when i go in fullscreen mode. How i can bypass this problem?

Some latest video card are accelerated for the HDfull resolution; this resolution can be not supported to the currently flash player client and your display resolution and in some cases can result a bug. For bypassing this problem simply click on the right button on the video player and choose “Settings” and unflag the “Hardware accelleration” field. In this way you don’t use the acceleration drivers of your video card and gpu, but the video in fullscreen can use much more cpu in you computer.

Is possible to find some malicious software or viruses or spyware in this site?

No. Servers operations are 24/7 controlled by humans; the upload system is builded for accept only video files and the conversion software is build for prevent any fraudolent use in the servers. All the data passed are stored every second in the server logs for prevent any fraudolent use and are conformed to our policy privacy that can you read here:

When i click on “Close to Play” button, nothing appears.

Be sure you have installed the last Java version on your computer, for your browser. For downloading Java for free go here:

I only see this: “You need flash for watch this video”.

Be sure you have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. For downloading the latest version of Flash Player for free go here: or

I see the HTML5 video player but i can’t show any video.

If your browser don’t support Flash you can watch the video with the new HTML5 tag; the video is encoded to work with all the popular browsers (safari, chrome, IE9 and soon FireFox will support this codec too). The HTMl5 player can work only with all the videos encoded after February 2012; for the others videos Flash player is the standard. All the videos added after this date can work with HTML5.

Uploading problems

I can’t see the percentage area when i upload a file. Where is it?

The percentage of the upload is in a frame in the main window; you must turn on the iframe in your browser if you see an error message like “Turn on IFRAME in your browser”.

The main page of the upload show this message “Impossible to connect to the site” and the popup block at random percentage.

Close the popup and close the main page with the X button of your browser; acces at the site and try again to upload. The error occour because the upload system of MyeTV use a stream object to upload the files and that requires that the connection must to still costantly. In some cases it can be caused by a maintenance on the server’s upload page but in the major of cases can be a problem with your connection (expecially if you use wireless system that can be disconnect randomly). Try again to upload and the problem can disappear. If the problem persist, contact our support at

The popup window is blocked at the 0% with no refresh. What i have to do?

Be sure you have installed the last Java version on your computer, for your browser. For downloading Java for free go here:

The popup window seems to still blocked in a random percentage; what i have to do?

Nothing. You can wait for the automatic refresh of the popup and don’t do nothing; it will refresh automatically after some seconds or minutes. If the popup still don’t refresh after some minutes you can try to force the refresh of the popup by clicking on the popup and press the F5 button; be sure to select the popup before press the F5 button: if you refresh the main page the upload can be cancelled.


You can contact us for everything in this email: or with the form here

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