Drag&Drop just a few seconds to upload something


One of the most exciting feature on MyeTV is the new drag&drop square for the upload (video or images); now you can upload something with just a few clicks of the mouse or, if you use a device touch based, with a few of movements of your fingers. This is the best and fastest way to upload something and you can see the progress of your uploads with a gracefully progress bar, that comes to you at the moment of the upload of the file; we reproduce below the simple first step of the upload in MyeTV:



DragDropyou can upload and share your video or images in your MyCloud ready to be published for the public, your friends or with only the people you want or someone else on MyeTV. This works on all devices and in all browsers that support the HTML5 new tags or javascript. Stay Tuned for more informations.

Have a nice days, folks!

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