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MYETV’s Terms Of Service

This document is subjected to changes; we will keep this document updated every days. You will be notified only for major changes; you can review this document in every moment. PREAMBLE GENERAL INFORMATIONS ACCESS TRADEMARK THE APP FOR DEVICES PRIVACY CONTROLS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS USER SUBMISSIONS & COMMUNITY STANDARDS MYCLOUD ENCRYPTION AND CRYPTOGRAPHY MAPS AND …

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Windows 10 – MYETV Mobile App

The app is currently available for these devices: Windows10 Desktop, Windows10 Mobile, Windows10 Xbox, Windows10 Team, Windows10 Holographic. CURRENTLY IN THE OFFICIAL MICROSOFT STORE (v10.0.0.0) [download] 18 October 2020 (in updates…) New architectures used by this app: x86 | x64 | ARM64 | ARM Improved assets and icons. Improved the support for supported devices with …

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