MyApps Developers Guideline

MyApps are the new way to build your custom application inside MyeTV, for your networks or your contents; with the new MyApps Platform (M.A.P.) you can interact with every aspect of MyeTV you can add features to your account or you can develop your own app, for all your audience, to run with MyeTV. The apps you created could be free or not, or maybe could have in the inside adv or others payments services (MyCoins or others available payments gateway); to build an App you must press the button “MY NETWORK OF CONTENTS” in the left toolbar and then click on “MANAGE MYAPPS” choose your network and choose one of the predefined MyApps, follow the instructions on the screen and a public appkey will be delivered to you and you can start to customize your app.
Please note: in the future, we can restrict the uses of some apps.
Please note: this feature is currently in testing purposes and could have something to fix; we will work to make it better and better every day and add new features and apps.


MYAPPS are limited for every account; the algorithm take care of how many MYCOINS the user have in the wallet. To have a more detailed table, plese refer to this link: Accounts with 0 MYCOINS can have a max of 3 MYAPPS for every Networks of Contents.
Networks of contents can have one MYAPP for every type; cannot deploy the same App in the same Network.


List of available Positions are:
Positions are where the app will show it’s content; we have setup 4 different positions for MyApps and every App could have different positions available or not; you can choose where to show the app for every of your contents or networks.

  • Timeline
    The “Timeline” position is for the apps that can work with the buttons of the content inside the timeline (for example a button for download or ecommerce)
  • Content
    The “Content” position is for the apps that work under the content (directly in the content’s page); this position could be limited for some sort of apps (for example an iframe app should start the iframe only after the user has clicked on the button to view it)
  • Network
    The “Network” position is for the apps that work inside the network’s page; every network page have a dedicated section for MyApps, under the playwall and in the left sidebar; there you will find the list of all the MyApps builded for that network (if the owner has selected this position for the App). Audience can choose what Apps to view/hide from the network.
  • MyRC
    The “MyRC” position is an experimental one; that let the owner to link the app to the MyRC search engine to let the audience play with it, simple by find it with numbers.


List of available Predefined MyApps are:
To choose one of these predefined MyApp you must click on the button “Deploy” and then insert the custom Name of the App (visible to all the audience in your wall) and a public description of the App (max 255char.) and you have to fill in custom fields by app you’ve chosen. Here is the updated list of the predefined MyApps

    This app let you build the donation section at the bottom of your contents and in your MyWall; you can chose from different types: the donation button or the crowdfounding system. The donation buttons let your users donate to you trough a PayPal button or the MyCoins or an URL pointing to your website for the donation; we just need some additional informations of your business to make payments. The crowdfounding platform is still in development.
    With this app you can show to your audience a “download button” in the timeline and just under your content; this button will redirect the user to the webpage suggested by the owner of the content to download it.
    This app let you create a complete ecommerce system inside one of your wall on MyeTV; the ecommerce is hosted on MyeTV you must provide links and urls from external certified sites and you can setup various type of maps.
    This app let you put the eMsg Message Platform System at the bottom of your contents or in your wall; as a past update, the old universal comment system is deprecated, so we decided to let the user decide what platform to use with this app. You can choose and integrate your preferred comment system (from external services) and you can edit some informations to use your API key that you got from external services; or you can use our own hosted comment system (with eMsg) to have always in your hands the conversations and don’t let third part services controls your comments.
    Please note: some of this feature are still on development.
    This app let you develop games and real applications on your own and with the major used game engines or sdk ready to help you build amazing app; your users can interact with this App installing it and then play with it in various position (it can be integrated with myrc too), you can choose from different ways to develop your app with different code engines (some of that are still in development) and with this app you can interact with mycoins in a custom way.
    Game App: you can develop a game app by choosing a game from the list or add your own embed game (embedded with iframe or javascript) from any external links.
    Native App: to use the app builder, choose the “Native App” option; the native app builder is ready to be unleashed (with the halloween2017 updates) and you can develop an entire application in your own for your networks or for every your contents. Every update/change you push to the native app is saved live and immediately. Here are some screen of the app builder [screen1] [screen2].
    This app let you create an iframe panel that points to an URL of your choice. You must type the URL of the IFRAME (it could be both https or http but we strongly reccomend to insert only https URLs); you can choose from any URLs and it will be the first page of your app; you can choose the position of the app (timeline as a button, at the bottom of the content, inside your wall or inside the myrc search engine) with a wizard.
    This app is still in development
    This app let you build a Live Custom Event inside your playwall; instead of showing a playwall with random contents, you can put a single content (eg. a live event or anything else) in your wall. You must have a valid URL (must start with of your content, previously posted on MyeTV with your account or someone else; you can also setup a playwall playlist with hashtag. In your Network’s page your contents will be displayed at the top of the page.
    This app let you share your social pages in your wall or under your contents or both (you choose the position); you must choose your social network (we will add more social services in the near future) and type the URL of your social page for your wall and for every content that you posted, you can type different social pages.
    This app let you verify your Network Name with a brand TradeMark or an ownership verification; there are two types of verifications:
    1) Private Network (Account): This app let you verify your private account; once you have verified your account you can make critical operations. To verify your account for that purposes you have to compile all your profile informations like name, surname, date of Birth and others. When all this informations are compiled, this app is activated by default to private accounts.
    2) Public Networks: Before activate this app the owner of this Network of Contents must successfully activated the “verify app” in their private Account (as described above); once this app is activated and verified, inside this Network, the name of the network of contents will be locked from edit to every owners. This app will show a verified badge, the owner can choose to make it visible or not.This app will guide you on this process to make it simple.
    This app let you build a complete calendar, thanks to the repository at your network’s events and activities will be automatically signed inside the calendar for future purposes; the calendar will be visible to everyone at the moment of the deploy, we are currently working to let the owners decide the audience target (public,only logged users, only followers). Thi app will allow also to publish and share contents and programming the publishing for future purposes. Most funcionality of this app are sitll in beta-testing
    PAYTV or Pay To View is a new app that you can build in your network or inside your contents to resctrict the access to your contents in an easy way; audience must pay with MYCOINS before they can access at the content or at the whole network of contents. The price must be a number from 1 to 99 without decimals and a small fee will be applied to the transaction (1 MYCOIN every transaction), the total amount of price will be shown at the end user before pay and access at the content; the owner of the content can choose also if use the GEOIP protection for a specified content or choose to restrict the whole app with the GEOIP feature (the entire app will work only on the selected countryes, others can’t access at the contents). MYCOINS used for access the contents are not refundable. This app is still in Development and testing
    This app is still in development
    This app is still in development
    This app brings to Networks owners the possibility to highlight an hashtag of a specify content. The hashtag contain a playlist of contents to watch with the instant play feature.
    This app brings to Network of contents an advertising space in the position chosed; the options are our free adverstise service or a custom advertise code.
    This app brings to the Networks of contents a serie playlist to show to their audience inside the network or inside the content (the content will jump to the next content in the serie at the end). This app is still in development and testing
    This app brings to the Networks of contents the possibility to specify a max. of 4 markers inside the vectorial and satellite for every content; the marker wizard let you set the latitude and longitude of the markers simple by specify a place, a city, a country, a street address or any of these.

Touch screen mobile phone with business concept

Documentation and more informations on how to build your App are coming soon.

This document is subjected to changes.

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