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While in Italy the National Television threaten us of death (in the past months) and in the meantime they stole our works (nice game, bro; we remember to you that in Italy we should pay a tax for them), we don’t give a f**k; someone’s watching you and as i previously noticed, we are currently working into two projects fo MyeTV: one written in asp (Active Server Page) that is public accessible and a new one written in php (Hypertext Preprocessor) and i am so proud to announce that we are finally working to completely change the source code of the entire website with the php one. This will be a huge update and it’s planning to be the last update of this insane year; a gift from our community of developers that worked very hard in this summer and will take care of all the changes. We’re going opensource, this terms just mean that any computer/server can run the code and the source code could be explored by anyone if we put it in a repository and give you the right to do that (we won’t do that for now); all the software-[Program/Software]: [the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs] and programs and everything that don’t is a “php code language” still have their own licenses and owners and still run as normal. The benefits of this will be many: performance, stability, scalability and security. Why this late? Because we reserves our time to explore and think also about others code technologies; with php we have the best opensource technologies of the world in an easy way. We think that you will feel the changes also because we used lots of new technologies like the “LESS”, a dynamic style sheet language that can be compiled into Cascading Style Sheets. All this changes will improve for 80% the speed of the entire website; the PHP technology is the same technology written for this blog so we could be more interactive with the in the future. When it will change? You will know; many of us point to the winter 2015 for the completion of the entire work (for the release date, please read the last chapter of the codechange in the bottom of this page). Why that changes? As i said before, PHP is more stable and secured thanActive Server Page that have 15 years old and it’s not a “full” code language but a script language; with PHP we can explore a lot of new languages and things with the best developers in the entire world.

I know you love us :) and you know i love you; so, let’s love!

Stay tuned for more informations, folks!!! Have a nice day!

We’ve launched a new little video here:

Remember 4/4/15 ? Now we got the first 4 battle to win:

Thank you for reading our first 4 chapters!!! Stay Tuned, folks !!!

The #codechange continues…

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