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Hello! :)
Today we present to you the new sharer section to share everything you want: text, videos, images, links. This feature will be extended soon for the channels, the pages or mywalls. You can share only this URLs for now, but we will extend the features to many more sites so we will upgrade the list when done. This features will be on testing from today and we will add much more features in the next days, like the drag&drop feature and privacy options. We will update the feed-structure-data soon.


UPDATED: Emotions are now available to improve the A.I. and don’t share the same content in different networks (for shared content only)

UPDATED: With the v3 updates we now use the oEmbed clientside technology and a backend technology (crawlers) to share any kind of files and updated with the v3 API for YouTubers.

UPDATED: With the MyRC updates you can now share Facebook Videos in MyeTV

UPDATED: You can now share with a lot of new services builded for MyeTV

UPDATED: With a recent update you can use the MyCloud system to upload and/or select videos and images files (avatars too).

UPDATED: All the MyeTV’s published contents respect the OpenGraph Protocoll and others sharing standards

UPDATED: With a recent update we add the possibility to control the privacy of every single post.

UPDATED: you can re-share contents, with your friends or with everyone, previously published in MyeTV with emojis and a new internal sharer builded eclusively for MyeTV.

UPDATED: introducing EMOTIONS!

That’s all folks! Just wait some time to see it live!!! Have a nice day! ;)

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