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Hello! :)
Today we present to you the new sharer section to share everything you want: text, videos, images, links. This features are reserved for registered users who have filled the profile with personal informations; the sharer of MYETV can be used only if the user is logged in and have compiled the personal informations section. The sharer is a powerfull crawler application client/server or server/server or client/client with the help of a centralized p2p net). Results are usually cached to reduce the load of the application and the possibilities of abuses. The sharer can cover every existing URL out there but is builded to work better with ograph or oexchange protocolls or any structured data contained a title a description and an image. The sharer will produce a preview that could be not the same as the post, it can be edited and some advanced features can be available after the content is shared in the “edit content” page.

UPDATE – introducing new feature: EMOTIONS!

That’s all folks! Have a nice day! ;)

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