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With your MYETV free account you can share contents in your wall or in your Network of Contents in a few clicks. It’s fast and simple, when you login you can click on “Share Links” and type the url you want to share in the field “URL”, choose the Network you want to share (default is Personal Wall but you can chose one of your Networks) and click on “Save”; the system will show to you the info of the content, you can edit these infos instantly or you can edit it after, click on “Publish Now” and you’re done!

Before publish anything, please read the Terms of Services of the entire website.

What can i link/share on MYETV

Currently the feature is tested with some affiliated services; but we will make avaiable more services/sites every days. In this moment you can share video from this services/sites:

Any URL* compatible with oembed specifications

– Any URL* from a remote webserver that contain a video file with extension: mp4,avi,wmv,mp3. Please note that not all hosting services allow that.

YouTube Player: URL link must be like “” or “
YouTube Playlist: not available yet

Facebook Player video and images : URL link must be like “” or ““ or[USERID]/XXXXXXXXX

*Any urls can be only https://

Thank yo ufor reading.

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