Translate Text (MYAPP)

The MYAPP called “Translate Text” will show to the audience a button to translate the text of any content where this MYAPP is activated; we have done a great and incessant work over time to prepare the systems to use our translator including artificial intelligence to translate texts dynamically and in real time; we do not use a translator belonging to third parties and the data is not shared with any third party service. Thanks to the open source codes of “argosopentech” and the machine translator “Argos-Translate” and the OpenMNT we’ve builded our own translator engine as a command line software (free and open source available via web at our platform that supports over 100 different languages in a pure automatic and dynamic machine-translation.
This MYAPP is considered in beta-testing for the next 3 months and available for everyone; minor and major updates will be applied to improve functionalities


This app can be deployed once the owner of the network of contents is verified; at the moment of the creation or edit the owner can choose: the name of the app (to recognize it), the description (a free description of what is), the positions, the icon to show, the geoip restrictions, a checkbox to activate the translation of the text at page load or only when the button is clicked, a checkbox to activate the translate text MYAPP on every contents of that network, a select to choose what to translate (only the title, only the description, or both); if the translator is setup with the translation at the page load a button to restore the original text is always visible; if the “content” position is selected the app can be selected in the “edit content” page for every content with no additional setup. The languages to translate will be auto-detected and the result will be translated in the language of the audience (the platform language).


Contents: with this selected position a button will be shown under the selected content, pressing the button the title and the description of the content will be translated to the end user language; the owner must select the MYAPP in the edit content page to activate it for that content or if the “all contents” checkbox is checked the translate button will be activated for every contents of that network.


  • To access at the feature the owner must have an own Network of Contents and must have access to MYAPPS
  • MYAPPS Guidelines and limits
  • The language to translate will be auto-detected
  • The translated text will have the language of the end user main language of the platform
  • Results could be cached for future uses
  • The translation can always be reverted in the original text
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