Open Graph Protocol and MyeTV

Today we talk about the Open Graph Protocol and how MyeTV interact with it; OGP (or Open Graph Protocol) is a special code protocol to recognize an end points url, with some informations like tilte, description and thumbnail image. You just need to provide an URL and our crawler will read the page and extract all the informations needed to share in your MyWall.

How the crawler read the informations?
This is related to the specifics of the OGP; if you want to know more on how the Open Graph Protocol works, please read here:

This is an example image for sharing a MyeTV URL:



in the exact way you can share any urls on the web; supported formats are videos, images and rich text format. The new sharer of MyeTV make it simple and fast. Your published links and videos will be visible in your MyWall with the informations about you and the author (thanks to the author meta tag). This is the sintax and the right variable to set in the webpage and expone to our crawler all the informations needed (major service doing that automatically):

<TITLE>Your page Title here</TITLE>
<meta property=”og:title” content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video]=”Your page Title here” />
<meta property=”og:description” content=”Your page Description here” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”your,keywords,here”/>
<meta property=”og:image” content=”” />

The MyeTV crawler will also search for the “video” og meta tags; if found, the video will be shared directly into MyeTV (like an embed video in the play page) instead of redirect the user to it’s end point url; this will let you earn MyCoins and share the video into your MyWall. The list (updated) with all supported urls for our crawler is here.


Just a little look at the server-side code; we use the XMLHTTP object to parse the webpage url into a readable XML formats and cache it to reduce the amount of process needed. Just that simple, folks.

Hope this will help you with the new features, we will testing the sharer-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform] as well and love your feedback! Please note that the sharer still on testing and much more features will be added soon! Stay tuned, folks and have a nice day!!!

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