MYCLOUD is a powerefull platform to store all your private files on MYETV before they can be published inside the platform; is powered thanks to the works of a group of folks that constantly improve all the features in terms of security and performance; we are using our custom version exclusive for MYETV from the 2015 #codechange.

In the moment of signup on MYETV your private and personal folder will be created, initially limited to a limited max number of GigaBytes (you could increase this limit with MYCOINS). Every time you upload something new on MYETV, it will be stored it in this private folder synchronized in your personal account before it can be published and visible to others; in the moment the user save/publish the content inside the network of contents, the original file in the private folder will be deleted automatically; if something goes wrong, or the user change it’s idea, the file will remain in the folder and the user still try again to publish it or delete it manually. MYCLOUD works as a room where all your files are stored inside folders before they are published or downloaded.

MYCLOUD can be accessbile only to registered users through the sharer platform or with the links inside the menu or with the direct link


The MYCLOUD is linked directly with the upload application of MYETV so whatever you are uploading will be saved to a private folder visible only through your account; this folder can be viewed from any device that is connected to your account, even between different devices. You can upload directly into MYCLOUD using the MYCLOUD application and drag&drop the files into your folder. Limit of upload for everyone is 100MB for every file (expandible).


The MYCLOUD let you download any files directly from your folder into your device without any limits. Double click on the file you want to download and chose “Download this file”. There is no limit for download files in this way.


The MYCLOUD application let you save your uploaded files into your Network of contents of MYETV. Double click on the file you want to publish and click on “PUBLISH THIS FILE INSIDE YOUR NETWORK” to open the sharer dialogs, type informations and save the new content.


– All users can store max 4GB of files inside the MYCLOUD (expandible with MYCOINS)
– All files will be deleted automatically from the MYCLOUD after 4 weeks of inactivity
– MYCLOUD files are protected and unaccessbile from everyone (no execute, no read/write operations)


MYCLOUD can be used in a safe way for all your private files in any devices and it don’t require any other customization or additional cookies.

MYCLOUD is powered thanks to the works of these guys:

in this public repository:

MYCLOUD is implemented with custom codes thanks to the folks who worked hard for our authentication script (read more here) and the MYETV team.

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