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MYETV have introduced the Networks of Contents (or Contents Networks) recently, please read this guide to have more informations about them; when you signup on MYETV you have a Private Network of Contents (also called “MYWALL” or “ACCOUNT”) for your own use, where your contents are. You can build a new Public Network of Contents whenever you want with your account; you need the name, a description and a MYRC number (a number to reach that Network in the MYRC search engine). Owners of Networks of Contents can build MYAPPS to improve their Network.

Usually the url is like “…” where “” is your username used to access on MYETV or your Nickname. You may change the URL in the future, by changing your nickname, in the edit profile page. The private network of contents is always one for every account and can contain contents, emotions, posts, images and every activities of the user, every content shared in the private network can be easily protected with privacy controls. Private network of contents cannot publish/share a content in a public way; options are: only logged users, only followers, only me (private). Owner of the Network can edit informations about it in the “EDIT PROFILE” section under the tab “MYWALL: PUBLIC INFORMATIONS“.
Every user account can have only one Private Network of Contents.

Usually the url is like “…” where “” is the name of the Network.
Public Networks of Contents are the same as private but public and can have more than one owner; this means that contents inside that networks can be published with four privacy options: Public, only logged users, only followers, only me (all the owners of that network). The owner of the network can nominate max. 3 users to be : editor, modeartor or content provider; each of that users have access to that network in different way but anyone of them can add and/or remove and/or edit contents and posts inside that network. Owners of the Network can edit informations about it in the “MANAGE NETWORKS” sections.
Owner of the network can nominate only one user for every role. The deployment of Networks of Contents is limited for every account; the algorithm take care of how many MYCOINS the user have in the wallet; don’t have to spend MYCOINS to activate a Network, just have them in the wallet at the time of the creation of the Network. To have a more detailed table, please refer to this link:
Accounts with 0 MYCOINS (free) can have a max of 4 Public Networks of Contents.

Any name of the Network of Contents must be different from any Public or Private Network of Contents name activated yet in the platform.

Along with the official MYETV’s Terms of Services ( these documents represents the Networks of Contents Terms of Services for everyone.

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