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The MyeTV's fast search engine is the only very fast search engine for videos on the web; you can search videos in MyeTV only by type words.
This content has 6 years. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind.

The search engine of MyeTV is one of the core features of the entire website; you can search and find every type of content with a few clicks, digits or gestures. There are several ways to search:

“Networks” & “Who I Follow” Search
This search engine is a searchable table to find, in a fast way, networks that you have followed with your account; the table will show all the networks of contents that you have successfully followed and that they are in your friendlist.

MyeTV Search Engine
The default search engine in every pages of MyeTV is splitted in more features:

  1. Fast Search in “MyWall(where “mywall” is the name of the Network that you visit)
  2. Fast Search (the default search engine in the homepage of MyeTV)
  3. Instant Play (from the 2015 accessible trough the # (hash) character before the term to search)
  4. MyRC (accessible trough the @ (at) character before the term to search)

You can discover better all of these features here.

Fast Search
The search page is at and in every page as “Fast Search” and is accessible to anyone.

Instant Play
The Instant Play page is located at and in every page as “Instant Play (#)” and is accessible to anyone by type the hashtag (#) before the terms of the search.

MyRC (new!)
The Instant Play page is located at and in every page as “MyRC (@)” and is accessible to anyone by type the at (@) before the terms of the search.

Advanced Search

The “Advanced Search” option let you filter the search results with the params that you choose; you can filter all the search results, for example, for languages or category. Logged users can filter the search results by friendlist/following.

The search engine of MyeTV is one of the primary feature of the website, we update it every day and we work every day to try to offer the best experience for our users. Stay Tuned!

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