GEOIP Restrictions for every contents

Having a worldwide responsibility is tiring and sometimes cost some money and time.
Working with ISO codes (Country and Languages) is fun; more fun is when you don’t know nothing about geography but you have to learn :D so, we start learning using these very interesting features.

Updates 07/07/2023: now the owner of the content-[Content Owner]: [the owner(s) of a content (usually includes all owners of the network that shared it)] can select if “allow some country” or “block some country” before selecting the country to allow/block; if the option to check automatically the informations of shared contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] is selected, the geoip feature will be applied automatically for external websites.

Behind the scenes

Today we are testing some new cool features on MYETV called “GEOIP restrictions”; behind the scenes: we have stored classes of IPs of all the Country around the world with its longitude and latitude, the goal of this feature is to let you chose (the owner of the content) to restrict accessAccess [the simple access to a website as a visitor] or only the visibility of the content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] for any Nation in the world. You can select one or more Country, or entire continents, to restrict the access and you can chose if restrict the “visibility of the content” (in timelines and in the feeds) or if restrict the entire “access at the content” (the access to the content is proibithed if not match the country selected) or both. Under the Privacy Options of every of your contents there is a check box and you can chose if enable or not the GEOIP restrictions. This settings will take effect on your contents, in the Network of Contents-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners] too, in the PlayWall too and whenever a user (others than the owner) request that content. Owners of the content can always see their contents.

Continents explanation (list owned by MYETV)

Antarctica Continent: AQ
South America Continent: AR,BO,BR,CL,CO,EC,FK,GF,GY,PY,PE,SR,UY,VE

Single Country Selection

You can also select single codes manually; the lists of single country codes are here:

A1,"Anonymous Proxy" A2,"Satellite Provider" O1,"Other Country" AD,"Andorra" AE,"United Arab Emirates" AF,"Afghanistan" AG,"Antigua and Barbuda" AI,"Anguilla" AL,"Albania" AM,"Armenia" AO,"Angola" AP,"Asia/Pacific Region" AQ,"Antarctica" AR,"Argentina" AS,"American Samoa" AT,"Austria" AU,"Australia" AW,"Aruba" AX,"Aland Islands" AZ,"Azerbaijan" BA,"Bosnia and Herzegovina" BB,"Barbados" BD,"Bangladesh" BE,"Belgium" BF,"Burkina Faso" BG,"Bulgaria" BH,"Bahrain" BI,"Burundi" BJ,"Benin" BL,"Saint Barthelemy" BM,"Bermuda" BN,"Brunei Darussalam" BO,"Bolivia" BQ,"Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba" BR,"Brazil" BS,"Bahamas" BT,"Bhutan" BV,"Bouvet Island" BW,"Botswana" BY,"Belarus" BZ,"Belize" CA,"Canada" CC,"Cocos (Keeling) Islands" CD,"Congo, The Democratic Republic of the" CF,"Central African Republic" CG,"Congo" CH,"Switzerland" CI,"Cote d'Ivoire" CK,"Cook Islands" CL,"Chile" CM,"Cameroon" CN,"China" CO,"Colombia" CR,"Costa Rica" CU,"Cuba" CV,"Cape Verde" CW,"Curacao" CX,"Christmas Island" CY,"Cyprus" CZ,"Czech Republic" DE,"Germany" DJ,"Djibouti" DK,"Denmark" DM,"Dominica" DO,"Dominican Republic" DZ,"Algeria" EC,"Ecuador" EE,"Estonia" EG,"Egypt" EH,"Western Sahara" ER,"Eritrea" ES,"Spain" ET,"Ethiopia" EU,"Europe" FI,"Finland" FJ,"Fiji" FK,"Falkland Islands (Malvinas)" FM,"Micronesia, Federated States of" FO,"Faroe Islands" FR,"France" GA,"Gabon" GB,"United Kingdom" GD,"Grenada" GE,"Georgia" GF,"French Guiana" GG,"Guernsey" GH,"Ghana" GI,"Gibraltar" GL,"Greenland" GM,"Gambia" GN,"Guinea" GP,"Guadeloupe" GQ,"Equatorial Guinea" GR,"Greece" GS,"South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands" GT,"Guatemala" GU,"Guam" GW,"Guinea-Bissau" GY,"Guyana" HK,"Hong Kong" HM,"Heard Island and McDonald Islands" HN,"Honduras" HR,"Croatia" HT,"Haiti" HU,"Hungary" ID,"Indonesia" IE,"Ireland" IL,"Israel" IM,"Isle of Man" IN,"India" IO,"British Indian Ocean Territory" IQ,"Iraq" IR,"Iran, Islamic Republic of" IS,"Iceland" IT,"Italy" JE,"Jersey" JM,"Jamaica" JO,"Jordan" JP,"Japan" KE,"Kenya" KG,"Kyrgyzstan" KH,"Cambodia" KI,"Kiribati" KM,"Comoros" KN,"Saint Kitts and Nevis" KP,"Korea, Democratic People's Republic of" KR,"Korea, Republic of" KW,"Kuwait" KY,"Cayman Islands" KZ,"Kazakhstan" LA,"Lao People's Democratic Republic" LB,"Lebanon" LC,"Saint Lucia" LI,"Liechtenstein" LK,"Sri Lanka" LR,"Liberia" LS,"Lesotho" LT,"Lithuania" LU,"Luxembourg" LV,"Latvia" LY,"Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" MA,"Morocco" MC,"Monaco" MD,"Moldova, Republic of" ME,"Montenegro" MF,"Saint Martin" MG,"Madagascar" MH,"Marshall Islands" MK,"Macedonia" ML,"Mali" MM,"Myanmar" MN,"Mongolia" MO,"Macao" MP,"Northern Mariana Islands" MQ,"Martinique" MR,"Mauritania" MS,"Montserrat" MT,"Malta" MU,"Mauritius" MV,"Maldives" MW,"Malawi" MX,"Mexico" MY,"Malaysia" MZ,"Mozambique" NA,"Namibia" NC,"New Caledonia" NE,"Niger" NF,"Norfolk Island" NG,"Nigeria" NI,"Nicaragua" NL,"Netherlands" NO,"Norway" NP,"Nepal" NR,"Nauru" NU,"Niue" NZ,"New Zealand" OM,"Oman" PA,"Panama" PE,"Peru" PF,"French Polynesia" PG,"Papua New Guinea" PH,"Philippines" PK,"Pakistan" PL,"Poland" PM,"Saint Pierre and Miquelon" PN,"Pitcairn" PR,"Puerto Rico" PS,"Palestinian Territory" PT,"Portugal" PW,"Palau" PY,"Paraguay" QA,"Qatar" RE,"Reunion" RO,"Romania" RS,"Serbia" RU,"Russian Federation" RW,"Rwanda" SA,"Saudi Arabia" SB,"Solomon Islands" SC,"Seychelles" SD,"Sudan" SE,"Sweden" SG,"Singapore" SH,"Saint Helena" SI,"Slovenia" SJ,"Svalbard and Jan Mayen" SK,"Slovakia" SL,"Sierra Leone" SM,"San Marino" SN,"Senegal" SO,"Somalia" SR,"Suriname" SS,"South Sudan" ST,"Sao Tome and Principe" SV,"El Salvador" SX,"Sint Maarten" SY,"Syrian Arab Republic" SZ,"Swaziland" TC,"Turks and Caicos Islands" TD,"Chad" TF,"French Southern Territories" TG,"Togo" TH,"Thailand" TJ,"Tajikistan" TK,"Tokelau" TL,"Timor-Leste" TM,"Turkmenistan" TN,"Tunisia" TO,"Tonga" TR,"Turkey" TT,"Trinidad and Tobago" TV,"Tuvalu" TW,"Taiwan" TZ,"Tanzania, United Republic of" UA,"Ukraine" UG,"Uganda" UM,"United States Minor Outlying Islands" US,"United States" UY,"Uruguay" UZ,"Uzbekistan" VA,"Holy See (Vatican City State)" VC,"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines" VE,"Venezuela" VG,"Virgin Islands, British" VI,"Virgin Islands, U.S." VN,"Vietnam" VU,"Vanuatu" WF,"Wallis and Futuna" WS,"Samoa" YE,"Yemen" YT,"Mayotte" ZA,"South Africa" ZM,"Zambia" ZW,"Zimbabwe"

Thanks to CloudFlare and our coders at MYETV we can offer this feature free for all our users, in a decentralized way. I hope you will like this feature and that is free for everyone who share contents-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform].

We will implement this feature also for some MYAPPS-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network] to let the owner decide the target of that app.

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