GEOIP Restrictions for every contents

GEOIP Restrictions for every contents
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Having a worldwide responsibility is tiring and sometimes cost some money and time.
Working with ISO codes (Country and Languages) is fun; more fun is when you don’t know nothing about geography but you have to learn :D so, we start learning using these very interesting features.

Today we are testing some new cool features on MyeTV called “GEOIP restrictions”; behind the scenes: we have stored classes of IPs of all the Country around the world with its longitude and latitude, the goal of this feature is to let you chose (the owner of the content) to restrict access or only the visibility of the content for any Nation in the world. You can select one or more Country to restrict the access and you can chose if restrict the visibility of the content (in the public feed of MyeTV) or if restrict the entire access at the content (if user come from another Country the access is proibithed) or both.

Under the Privacy Options of every of your contents we add a check box and you can chose if enable or not the GEOIP restrictions. This settings will take effect on your contents, in the Network of Contents too, in the PlayWall too and whenever a user (others than the owner) request that content.

Thanks to CloudFlare and our coders at MyeTV we can offer this feature free for all our users, in a decentralized way. I hope you will like this feature and that is free for everyone who share contents.

We will implement this feature also for some MYAPPS to let the owner decide the target of that app.

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