MyeTV FLASH or HTML5 Player

We are very glad to announce that we install a new FLASH Player with HTML5 fallback in MyeTV. You can download the OpenSource code here:

We put our licensed player in our cloud system to speed up the response time.

The following is a standard configuration (html code) for the player page:


The param “ID” is the ID of the video in MyeTV; the param “autoplay” is for letting the video play automatically at the start of the page; the param “WIDTH” and “HEIGHT” are the width and the height of the player (it’s different from the width and the height of the iframe). There are much custom configuration options that can be chosen in the embed page.

We can chose over a variety of different skins and plugins to make it better than ever. The default player’s engine is based on HTML5 (better supported) if the browser can handle it and fallback on FLASH.

We have upgraded also the YouTube Player with the official player offered by YouTube and Google.

The main features and news are:

  • HTML5 / FLASH fully compatible
  • Play video on any devices and any browsers
  • Automatic bitrate switching
  • Quality buttons
  • Chat and ad ready
  • Embedded with a simple iframe tag
  • Native Fullscreen works in every devices (button at the top-right corner)
  • Free design and plugins
  • Possibility of captions mechanism (youtube 100% compatible)
  • Seeking function of the video
  • Fastest loading and better performaces


Update 09/04/2015: from today all the video contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] will be played by default with HTML5 player instead of FLASH; if some particular video (coded in some different way) don’t work with HTML5 player it will be automatically fallback to FLASH player.

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