Album/Series (MYAPP)

The Album/Series MYAPP brings to the networks owner the possibility of building ordered playlists to show at the audience; this MYAPP was built with the intention of being able to bring together one or more contents (images, audio or video) under the same album with title and description set by the owner. this MYAPP can be activated only if the Account of the owner is verified and is available to be deployed in every networks of contents.


Creation of the Album/Series
The Album/Series can be created from any network through a simple MYAPP; the owner must enter the title (max. 25 characters), description (max. 140 characters) and choose a matching category. The name of the album/series, as well as the description and category, can be changed at any time. Once created it is possible to add, modify or remove contents and/or order them by default; the sorting starts from the number 0 (the first content to be displayed) and ends with a higher number, it is not possible to have a content ordered with the same previous number. It is possible to create infinite albums/series of contents, the contents must be selected among those already published on the same network by means of the ID (number) of the content. At the moment the contents can be added only in the MYAPPS dashboard.

Viewing the Album/Series
By selecting the “Network” position, a button will be added to the network page to select the title of the album/series you want to view; when an album/series is selected the timeline changes completely with the contents of that series sorted as it was decided during creation. By selecting the “MYRC” position the album/series will be displayed during playback of the network in MYRC search engine with independent controls. The album/series can also be displayed in the play page of the contents belonging to that series, instead of the relate contents. By selecting the “Content” position the Album/Series can be selected by the owner inside the “Edit Content” page (for every contents) and the Album/Series selected will be shown to the audience of that content, under the content or before the related contents.


The Album/Series MYAPP can be deployed in more different positions (activated by the owner of the network in the MYAPP edit page):

  • network” with this selected position the app will be shown in the selected network page with a simple select-box to select the preferred serie/album and change the entire timeline in the network page;
  • content” with this selected position the preferred Album/Series can be viewed in the “edit content” page to be shown to the viewer right under the content before the related contents and in the “play now” feature.
  • timeline“: with this selected position the preferred Album/Series can be selected in the “edit content” page to be shown to the viewer as a button in the timeline for that content.
  • myrc” with this selected position the app will be shown inside the wall manifest when an user search the name of the network with the MYRC search engine;


  • To access at the feature the owner must have an own Network of Contents and must have access to MYAPPS
  • MYAPPS Guidelines and limits
  • Contents of the album/series must be selected from the contents of the same network
  • Contents inside the album/series must be ordered from 0 (zero, first content to show) to a higher number
  • There is no limit on how many album/series the owner can create
  • There is no limit on how many contents can be added to any album/series
  • Title of the album/series must be max 25 characters, description must be max. 140 characters
  • The contents will be visible/accessible with the same privacy choosed for that content, independently for every contents added
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