Artificial intelligence to include, not exclude people

I think it’s time to talk and say what we want to do with our future; In this future there is also artificial intelligence, whether you like it or not. Already today we use it practically in everything, just think that when we come across any search engine-[Search Engine]: [is the application that deals with the search for content, networks or anything else on the platform], artificial intelligence is always present; in computers wherever there is a computation, a neural network-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners], a simple “if … else …” statement this is artificial intelligence. Now you know. Different, but similar, is the concept of “neural network” used in several fields of science. The use, then, of machine learning completes the three steps to have an artificial intelligence increasingly independent from the world around us. There is a widespread belief that artificial intelligence can be misused especially when it has to judge or exclude one or a group of people; it must not be used in this way! In my opinion there should be specific laws to prevent artificial intelligence from being used to judge or exclude; the correct use that should be considered is that artificial intelligence should help people by acting inclusive for them.

I will give you an example that is easy to understand: artificial intelligence could also be used to plant trees alone without the aid of any other human intervention, but with the help of specially created machines. All of this is highly exclusive. The correct use of artificial intelligence could, however, be to help people come together in order to activate a group of people to plant a tree. This is considered inclusive because it brings work, knowledge and is an ecological way to help something grow. How many times have we heard of entire sectors of the labor market having disappeared because of artificial intelligence? The fault is not his; the fault is always of the man who allowed this. When we hear about these highly exclusive projects, always ask yourself how much money goes into the pocket of the person who invented them and less and less to you.

In a web platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system], artificial intelligence should only be used for operations that a human being cannot compete with (such as quantum computations for example); instead we find it even used to find the words of a sentence or a video to be able to exclude it from the view of the public. None of this is used on MYETV which has a “neural network” of human moderators and which will never be replaced in favor of artificial intelligence. We want to promote the use of artificial intelligence correctly; since any human being can make mistakes and any human can have a bad day, this risk must be considered before undertaking any activity. Try to think of a world in which artificial intelligence is used in the wrong way instead of a judge in a court judgment; it would be a catastrophe. You couldn’t go wrong anymore. There would be no benefit to any lawyer and / or defendant and / or victim. There would be no forgiveness and no apology. Some might think that artificial intelligence can still be set and adjusted by a human being; but this is precisely the worst thing. A single human being could have the power to modify an artificial intelligence used to judge and exclude, and if history serves me right, they’ll catch the criminals first, then the innocent, then they’ll catch you too.
I ask you to promote, with us, the use of inclusive artificial intelligence that can help people, not put them in difficulty.

Another example of how artificial intelligence has been used to exclude people is the construction of cars; we all know how to build a car (or at least those who have been a mechanic know it) but what would happen if one day, not very far away, your car was repaired by an artificial intelligence connected to a computer? The first thing that comes to your mind is: there would be no mechanics anymore. But the most serious thing is that with the passage of time no human being would be able to fix a car anymore and years, decades, hundreds of years of knowledge would vanish between one generation and another; in this context what would happen if the computer to which the artificial intelligence is connected would stop working? Nobody would know how to do it anymore.
Artificial intelligence can be, and is currently used in various exclusive projects; it is a highly erroneous and widely held belief to try to make more and more money.

Greetings to all of you and special thanks to those who have been following us for so many years. We have gone through really good times and really bad times but we are always aware of the importance we have as individuals who inhabit this planet with all of you. Let me remind you to give us a hand in the reforestation of the planet by activating certified projects that give sustainable work, ecology and many other benefits.

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