The 7th chapter of #codechange is here: happy Halloween !!!

halloween2016Hey happy Halloween everyone and welcome to the 7th chapter of the #codechange titled #wearemyetv the codechange are a series of updates, lasting an entire year; this is the seventh and penultimate update. In this update we will present new features and improve all the website capabilities, we have particularly focused on the the MyApp-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network] feature and the possibility of build a custom app with the new MyApp Builder and a little knowledge of coding, this last may be on testing in the first days/weeks. This is all the new features and improvements made in this release:

  • Halloween Theme: we’ve created a new funny theme for halloween purposes; it will be the default theme for the festivities and you can select it in the future from the theme selection feature. The “Halloween Theme” will contain games and more miniapps by default only in the festivities time (from the 29th of October to the 3th of November); when the festivities will finishes the theme will return in its original structure.
  • MyApp: with this update we are launching the MyApp Builder, is a totally new place online to add an application to your wall or contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] and/or to create a new application with your code skills (more documentation is coming soon…). Now you can edit your existing apps or create a new app by choose from different MyApp, builded by MyeTV‘s developers and alpha-tester users; you can read and stay updated about the development phase of all these app here. Please note: the MyApps-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network] are still in testing phase and from today available for everyone; the MyApp Builder is available only for alpha-tester registered users.
  • eMsg and MyRC: we’ve improved the emsg platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] with emoji, cryptography-[Cryptography]: [the practice of creating and understanding codes that keep information secret] and deletion of messages; to know more you can read the updated documentation here; we’ve fixed the responsive design for all devices and added two responsive buttons to open the sidebars also with minor screensize.
  • Cryptography: we start to use the cryptography in the plain/text messages of the emsg platform; we are using strong cryptography with hashes, keys and Rijndael256, please read the terms of use and the privacy policy for the updated documentation.
  • Fix and improvements on design: we’ve fixed the sidebars show&hide feature for responsive and unresponsive design; the left sidebar will now be opened by default only in the homepage of MyeTV and in the walls and the views count of the content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] is in the timeline; we’ve fixed the design and the coding of a lot of features so others more features could be added as user-generated with the myapp section.
  • MyRC: We’ve added the international phone codes as suffix of the anonymous nicknames (only for unregistered users); we are testing this feature for commenting (emsg) and interact with the website anonymously. We also plan to use these data, in the future, for registered users and for some new amazing features. Terms of Services and Privacy Policy will be updated soon with all the informations about this. The MyRC feature is still considered in beta-testing till the end of the year, this means a lot of new features will comes in the next days.
  • Communications: we’ve added this feature in the left sidebar, for registered users, to keep you update in real-time about alerts, tasks, messages and mycoins in every devices; we’ve fixed the notify icons at the top of the page with new features and informations.
  • Walls Management: the interface design is improved and we’ve added the possibility to link the MyApp to your wall; the app that you will choose there, must be explicit made for walls (the “position” param will help you understand, while you choose and deploy the app).
  • Autocomplete for search engines: we have start using the autocomplete to help everyone find informations on MyeTV‘s search engines; the algorithm takes into in mind the privacy (public, only for registered users or only for followers-[Follower]: [a follower refers to a person who subscribes to your account or network in order to receive your updates]) of the contents and the wall name to search for corrisponding keys, when you are into someone’s wall the autocomplete will show result only for the contents in that wall.
  • General security updates: Private Javascript API secured with encryption-[Encryption]: [to change electronic information or signals into a secret code (= system of letters, numbers, or symbols) that people cannot understand or use on normal equipment], from today all javascript calls will use encryption to ensure the communication comes only from the expected page; we’ve improved the security of all the website.
  • Terms of Services updated: we’ve packed and compile all the client side codes and we’ve made minor changes to the Terms of Services, please read them before playing with the website.


These updates are not finished yet, at all, in this chapter; all these features will be opened from today to all users, registered users and alpha-tester users and we plan to work on and improve all these new services in the upcoming festivities and in the whole month. So things may change again during this month. Stay tuned with us in our social network pages to celebrate this Halloween with all of us.

We wish you all a good day and thank you for reading the 7th chapter of the #codechange.

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