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So… It’s the time to reveal something more on MyCoins and what we are doing. First of all, i would say that i love all the developers around the world and their hard works for make their website better than ever. Today i will focus on a little problem: the visibility of your posts. So, let’s take one of the best and amazing website around the web as an example: Facebook. Their system, actually, is a one way payments to show up your post more than others; you pay, your post will be visible to more users. No way to have part of my works, of the post that i wrote, get payed; what i means is that: i wrote a post, i pay for show the post, people share my post, but i have spent money and people who share my post don’t earn nothing; so… Let’s take a look what i means when i speak of MyCoins: theres people A and people B; the person A share something and pay the ad (or more visibility) with their MyCoins (buyed before) and earn MyCoins from the views of their posts (with PREMIUM account he earn 90% of MyCoins with any others account the 20%), person B earn a little of MyCoins when he share something everywhere in MyeTV or another sites (with PREMIUM account he earn 90% of MyCoins with any others account the 20%). So person A helps the person B to get some MyCoins and get the right visibility too. It’s a little complicated? Let’s take a look at this screen that i’ve made for you (please read also the bottom to have more informations):


So… What we look here is a simple way to share and earn with MYCoins; technically, to make mycoins, we use a series of script written with jquery and a little server-side code with a little of XML and an opensource database, with two tokens, one for the sharing action (with the API request) and one encrypted for the mycoin transaction; but we have tons of ideas ready to be developed; another little example could be to buy payperviews or advertising services. In this ways you can earn your MyCoins and spend them in many ways and have your satisfaction with the services. We can use them, in the near future, also for merchandise or ecommerce; or we can share them, in the near future, with third party services to make the transaction process easy and simple. We just wrote the terms of use for this features with little rules but for now we are focused on the sharing section; you can also share MyCoins (for free) with your friends and make gift or donations or use them with your apps. We have really a tons of ideas and we will make them all, step by step.

You will be more visible if you pay; but you will be more visible (if you want) also if you are a really active user on the website; and you have the right instruments to start your presence online on MyeTV. MyCoins can also be used for measure the reputation of an user… But this is another story… I will explain to you what i mean in the near future.

You can read more on MyCoins in this links:

Stay Tuned and have a nice day!!!

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