MyCoins [behind the scenes]

So… It’s the time to reveal something more on MYCOINS and what we are doing. First of all, i would say that i love all the developers around the world and their hard works for make their website better than ever. MYCOINS are MYETV’s first official virtual credits and are only available for registered and logged in users; every user starts with 0 (zero) MYCOINS by default. Let’s take a look at this screen (please read also the bottom to have more informations):


So… What we look here is a simple way to share and earn with MYCOINS; technically, to make MYCOINS, we use a series of script written with javascript and a little server-side code with a little of XML and an opensource database, with two encrypted tokens; we have tons of ideas ready to be developed with MYCOINS…

MYCOINS can also be used for measure the reputation of an user.

You can read more on MYCOINS in this links:

Stay Tuned and have a nice day!!!

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