Advertising (publisher)

The MYAPP “Advertising (publisher)” is a complete suite of advertising position for publishers available on MYETV that all networks can take advantage of for graphic promotions of anything; this MYAPP can be activated only if the Account of the owner is verified and is available to be deployed in every networks of contents.


This app can be deployed inside any network of contents and/or inside any contents and brings the power of publish advertising to all the platform and earn; at the moment of the creation or edit the owner can choose: the name of the app (to recognize it), the description (a free description of what is), the position (contents or network of contents), the type of adv (custom code or MYCOINS revenue) with a ceckbox that indicates if the adv must be showed for every content of that network (without to select one by one), the icon of the app (optional). Graphics must be an image banner, gif, video in any size that will fit in 768 pixels of witdh and 100 pixels of height. If the selected position is only “contents” then the app will be shown in the list of the MYAPPS in the edit content page; if the selected position is “network” then the MYAPP will show the creativities inside the network where it is deployed; if positions are not selected then the MYAPP is like deactivated and no earning s are cumulated.

Custom Code
You will enter your AD code (you are free to enter any HTML or Javascript code), this code must work via https and be accessible to the public; the code must not have, and technically cannot have, parts of it that communicate with our servers, only client languages (such as javascript) or HTML are allowed. The earnings of this code, if any, must be managed by external platforms and all administrative information must be in good standing with the external service used. The earnings will be self-managed and in any case MYETV is not liable for any damage and/or malfunctions of the same.

MYCOINS revenue (random order)
The AD code is completely managed by MYETV with a random order (reccommended choice) and the owner of the network will earn max 5 MYCOINS, transferred directly in the wallet of the owner, every 31 days, from the moment of the activation of the app; if you disable and then enable again the app all the earnings will reset and the app will re-count the earnings from that day. MYCOINS earned with this app cannot be converted as real value credit and will be transferred directly in the wallet of the owner as MYCOINS (or one of the owners of the network who press the button) only after pressing the button called “TRANSFER MYEARNINGS” in the MYAPP Dashboard; if you forget to press the button, MYCOINS will always be able to be transferred after that period of time but the system will start the earnings of the next 5 MYCOINS from the date you decided to press the button; presisng the button is completely manually and not automatic. The AD code is safe and the graphics comes from If a network have some sort of restriction then a separate random ads code will be shown.


The Advertising MYAPP can be deployed in more different position:

network“: with this selected position the app will be shown in the selected network page before every others contents (usually in the header);

content” with this selected position the app can be selected in the page “edit content” and it will be shown inside the selected content or when the user open it and the owner of the app can check the option to show the app inside all the contents of the network (also if it’s not selected in the edit content page).


  • To access at the feature the owner must have an own Network of Contents and must have access to MYAPPS
  • MYAPPS Guidelines and limits
  • MYCOINS terms of services
  • Content network owners can create a MYAPP ADV for each content network they own
  • As “custom code” the earnings will be self-managed by the external service (eg. your website or third party adv services) and in any case MYETV is not liable for any damage and/or malfunctions of the same
  • As “custom code” you can use only HTML or client-side languages (like javascript) and you declare that the external service is safe and trusted to use with MYETV
  • As “custom code” there are no graphics stored in our side, all must comes from external domains; a graphic of maximum 768 pixels wide and 100 pixels high is required (otherwise it could be cut) and can be a text with links, static or animated image or a video as long as it is without audio
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” the AD code will be managed by and you will earn 5 MYCOINS every 31 days; you must be logged in and press the button in the MYAPP Dashboard to transfer the MYCOINS directly in your wallet
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” the earnings will going in the private wallet (of the owner who press the button) and cannot be transfered as real value money
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” the earnings cannot be refounded after being transfered to the wallet
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” after pressing the button the date will be reset and you will have to wait another 31 days to being able to transfer the next 5 MYCOINS in your wallet
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” MYCOINS cannot be cumulated by the earnings system; if you forget to press the button, you can always transfer your earnings in the wallet but the system will start to count the next 5 MYCOINS from the date you pressed the button
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” you cannot earn more than 5 MYCOINS even if the past time is more than 31 days
  • As “MYCOINS revenue” the transaction is instantly and MYCOINS earned can be spent over the platform like if you have purchased them
  • MYCOINS used for the Advertising service cannot be refunded or changed with real value money
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