MYCOINS – Terms of Service

You can buy MYCOINS from different official merchants and gateways that vary from country to country, most used are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • Liquid Money Transfer (where available)
  • …and more

Terms of Service

  • To use MYCOINS you must be a registered and logged user
  • You will find your MYCOINS wallet in the left sidebar menu of MYETV in the section “COMMUNICATIONS” and the voice “MYCOINS”
  • MYCOINS can be used only inside the MYETV platform
  • MYCOINS are used to buy services on MYETV; all the price in MYETV will be showed as MYCOIN, unless you are in external websites
  • There is no fee on the transaction, unless is specified; when no promo and/or fee applies the real value of MYCOINS is 1:1
  • You cannot sell MYCOINS out of MYETV. You cannot exchange MYCOINS with real value money or another value. Break this rule will break this contract and your entire account could be suspended if caught.
  • Once the transaction is completed you could wait from 1 to 2 minutes to get the MYCOIN in your MYETV account
  • Every users can view the list of the transactions in the MYCOINS dashboard
  • Chargebacks aren’t generally available, unless they are specified in the transaction.
  • The payment gateway is managed and secured with SSL by MYETV
  • Transactions made in the official shop “GET MYCOINS” are delivered thanks to an external service.
  • Gateways to buy MYCOINS may be unavailable in some circumstances or in some areas of the World.
  • Personal data (like credit card or others billing informations) are not stored in our platform and will never be saved or shared

You can buy or earn your MyCoins with your free account in many ways. You can see everytime how many MyCoins you have from your dashboard located here

You can also collect MyCoins from some MYAPPS and/or some predefined actions inside MYETV.

Hey, stay tuned folks! This is only the beginning

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