Fast Search, Instant Play, Search in MyWalls, Search People and MyWalls

Hard work are hard works; for example the search engine of MyeTV is an hard work. We are innovating our search engine with some really cool features ready for all the users, especially for cats and people who don’t like mouses :D

We will let you know, now, some of the features that we are developing.

The primary search engine


  • Fast search: This engine is for contents and let you search anything and everywhere in the site only just type something in the search field and with a few clicks you can jump at the thing you are interested for; this is the default engine of myetv but a cookie will set if you change the settings that will be remember.
  • Instant Play (#): This is an exclusive innovation of MyeTV; with this search engine you can jump at the content you have searched for and play it automatically without click anything and without waste your time to search something in an unliked list of results. This will jump at the first content most accurately near to your search terms and not finished yet, it will loop around the results; at the end of the content, you will be redirect to another content related to your search terms. This is a sort of dynamic playlist of your favourite things (for example just type a name of something and show the magic). You can jump in this search engine by typing the hashtag (#) character into the search box.
  • MyRC (@): With this search engine you can search MyWalls or TimeWalls registered on MyeTV and you can find playwalls or contents; every users can change how to appear here in their privacy settings section. You can jump in this search engine by typing the at (@) character into the search box.
  • Fast Search inside Walls: When you are inside a personal MyWall or a public page TimeWall you can search inside the wall; this search engine will let you search at the same mode of the Fast Search but with a more restricted area, only the content published by the wall you are on.

The secondary left sidebar search engine

This is a powerfull mini search engine; you can search inside your friendlist / networks that you have followed; you can filter or order the search as you want for name or for date of friendship. Only for registered users.

The VOX feature
By typing the plus symbol before the number you can directly open the messenger feature of MYETV

Stay Tuned for know more soon!!!

Have a nice day and a nice fun with all this new features, folks!


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