oEmbed and MyeTV

Hello guys!!! We have some news related to the sharer of MyeTV. We are on work to implement the oEmbed library, this library let’s you share any urls in your MyWall; the codes comes automatically from the services provider and developers that use the oExchange protocol. With the oEmbed library you can share urls in a speedy way and you can share more urls related to images and videos. We will update the list of supported urls when the oEmbed library will be 100% up and running in the sharer-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform] of MyeTV.

That is an example of how oEmbed works on MyeTV:



We use the same techniques of the major website on the web, the urls that you share will be visible in your MyWall; you can share MyeTV urls too. We setup a little debugger script for those who want to test the feature and debug the url to share: http://www.myetv.tv/oembed/ (this is just a debugger for the oEmbed and is not related to the sharer of MyeTV, that have much more features). You can try testing every urls that supports the oExchange protocol, type the url and wait the load of the page; you can see in your screen the postback of the data of the requested url.

It’s a little revolution and we should thanks those who allow us to do all this; but this is another story. Stay tuned and have a nice day, folks!!!

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