PlayWall on MyWalls and Channels

PlayWall is an automatic player for all the contents inside the Network of Contents (a cover or playlists of videos or contents). The first version of this feature takes a random content from your network and it does start automatically on your channel, and continuously.

Playwalls are the cover of your network; automatic random contents, or selected contents from your library, will play automatically in your Walls.

You can add a PlayWall inside your network by the section MYAPPS inside the platform MyeTV; or directly inside your network page, as the image below show to you:


After chosed your Wall to edit, you can enable or disable the feature from the field “Playwall” (yes/no). The Playwall will be show in your Wall page with only a click; you don’t need to configure nothing more. This feature will be implemented with new options in the future.

update: From 06/2015 you can activate your PlayWall everywhere, as explained here.

update: From 02/2017 you can choose wich contents you can shown in the PlayWall through the checkbox in the content’s edit page. (only for admin and/or editors of the Wall)

Please note: still a testing feature and free for all. Stay Tuned for more, folks!!!

Terms of Use

  • The Random Contents PlayWall will pick content only from your public video or images
  • You cannot insert a restricted content inside your PlayWall
  • MyApps are in testing and in development way; please be carefull on that.

Random Contents PlayWall: this will show only the public contents (only videos or images) from the entire network. Orders of contents will be completely random for every viewers.

Custom Content PlayWall: the same PlayWall with only one content; you can chose, from your own or shared contents (it could be videos, images or text). Every viewers will show only this content in the PlayWall.

Random Category Specific PlayWall: you can chose what content’s category to show in your PlayWall. The viewers will show contents from this network only from that category, ordered by random.

MyApp PlayWall: you can setup a simulated live streaming (or a live streaming from an external source) inside your PlayWall with an app. You can know more in the MyApps section.

There’s no limits of contents you can show in your PlayWall.

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