Playwall Custom Event (MYAPP)

The MYAPP called “Playwall Custom Event” allows the owner of the network to setup a custom event from their contents; the event will be displayed in real-time in the network homepage and in the playwall of the network (where activated) for the whole duration it is active.


This app can be deployed once the owner of the network of contents is verified; at the moment of the creation or edit the owner can choose: the name of the app (to recognize it), the description (a free description of what is), the positions, the icon to show and the geoip restrictions; if one of the “content” or “timeline” positions are selected the app can be selected in the “edit content” page for every content; the options can be edited inside the “edit MYAPP” page:

Playwall one content at time: with this option checked only one content at time can be selected to run the event so if you change the selected content with the event on, the last selected content will be unselected and the event will change the contents in real-time for the audience. If the “content” position is selected then the owner can select the content to run in the page “Edit Content”.

Playwall hashtag playlist: with this option checked a list of contents, of the same network, related to an hashtag will run the event; this option can be edited only in the page “edit MYAPP“.

If you change something between these otpions and the event is running the changes will be reflected in real-time to all the audience.


Contents: with this selected position the content to run the event can be selected in the page “edit content” by selecting this MYAPP and setup the date/time of the start and the date/time of the auto-end of the event; if you setup an auto-end date the event will be stopped automatically at that date/time without the owner interaction

Network: with this selected position a button called “ONAIR EVENT” will be shown in the network manifest, under the network name 

Timeline: with this selected position a button called “ONAIR EVENT” will be shown in the timeline for the content selected in the page “Edit Content”


  • To access at the feature the owner must have an own Network of Contents and must have access to MYAPPS
  • MYAPPS Guidelines and limits
  • The event can have an auto-end date/time and when the event reach that date/time the event wil be stopped from the viewing inside the network page and in the playwall
  • To select a content in the page “edit content” one of the positions “content” or “timeline” must be selected
  • With the “timeline” position a button “event onair” with the network number will be shown under the content where it is activated and with a predefined text
  • With the “network” position a button “event onair” with the network number will be shown under the network name with a predefined text
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