Windows 10 – MYETV Mobile App

The app is currently available for these devices: Windows10 Desktop, Windows10 Mobile, Windows10 Xbox, Windows10 Team, Windows10 Holographic.


(v10.0.0.0) [download] 18 October 2020 (in updates…)

New architectures used by this app: x86 | x64 | ARM64 | ARM
Improved assets and icons. Improved the support for supported devices with a min version of Windows10 SDK build 16299 (Win10 Fall Creators Update), can be installed on desktops, tablet, mobile and platform like win10 xbox or any of the modern Win10 products. Added 3 more authorization prompt at the open of the app (position,microphone,webcam), if available. Added more native languages: english, italian, french, spanish, german. Officially in the Microsoft Store.

(v6.0.24.0) [download] 28 May 2020 (Officially in the store)

This is the middle-year update for the Microsoft app, updated security, added more compatible devices and updated the world age classifications.

(v6.0.7.0) [download] 12 December 2019 (Released)

In this update we added the support for the new SDK update of Win10 with security fixes and performance improvements, plus is added the new support for the lock-screen and the app will now start in fullscreen-mode with an hidden toolbar at the top of the page, Immersive-Fullscreen mode.

(v6.0.6.0) [download] 10 June 2019 (Released)

This updates add a new native loading system for all the devices improving the speed; and add the capability to play audio in backgrounds. Officially in the store.

(v6.0.5.0) [download] 26 May 2019 (Released)

This updates fixed some design and controls positions of the previous version; this is the definitive update and a post in this blog is referring to this official version. Officially in the store.

(v6.0.4.0) [download] 24 May 2019 (Released)

The app is updated with new SDKs for more modern devices, is more fast and it is completely rewrited with native C# new codes; new assets are also available. Officially in the store.

(v5.0.23) [download] 07 September 2018 (Released)

The app is updated for modern devices with a new offline management for no connection errors; new background color black for bottom bar. Officially in the store.

(v5.0.22) [download] 12 January 2018 (Released)

The app is updated for modern devices with new assets and design for icons, splash screens, live tiles and store; new devices added (win10Team); new background color black for assets. Officially in the store.

(v5.0.17) [download] 21 October 2017 (Released)
The app is updated with new assets and a completely new user interface (also for large and extra-large screens) and a local Platform to handle errors with connections. New devices added; from today you can install the app also on XBOX (Windows10) and HoloLens.

(v5.0.16) [download] 03 October 2017 (Released)
The app is updated with new assets (for large screen resolutions) new devices supported and the possibility to flip the app in every side of the screen. From today in the App for Windows10 you can login/signup only with your MYETV account or a Microsoft Account, no more third partyes services allowed. Live Tiles are now updated every 12 hours to preserve the battery; we’ve also fixed some design issue.

(V5.0.14) [download] 14 September 2017 (Released)
We have updated the Windows 10 app and we’ve made the app available for additional devices like hololens, windows 10 phone, desktops and pcs with Windows 10; you can now rotate the device and the app will rotate too (you can block the rotations of the app in the device settings); we’ve added live notifications tile and you can now signup and/or login with your MYETV social accounts; we’ve fixed design and added new official assets.

The Windows 10 App is created with UWP (Universal Windows Platform) neutral (x86/x64) code and will run in almost every devices that support UWP (from Windows 10 and later). Live notifications, available in the tile medium/large logo, will customize your experience with your device and will let you explore what’s new inside the app.

The bottom menu let you explore the features of MYETV with only a few gestures/clicks. Boot time is improved and now you can also try to load again the app if the connection is broken (instead to close and reopen again). Almost all website features are bundled with the app optimized for mobile experience.

Previous versions (V4x,V3x,V2x,V1x)

To download the official released app:

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