Day: September 14, 2017

Microsoft – MYETV Mobile App

The app is currently available for these devices: Windows10 Desktop, Windows10 Mobile, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Windows10 Team, Windows10 Holographic. The app is available to download at CURRENTLY IN THE OFFICIAL MICROSOFT STORE (v10.0.4.0) (v10.0.6.0) [download] 01 March 2021 (Officially in the Store) Architectures used by this app: x86 | x64 …

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Android – MYETV Mobile App [Google Play Store]

The app is currently available in Google Play Store for all devices with the latest Android or with minimum version of API level 21 (Andorid Lollipop). The Android App is developed also for the Amazon AppStore where the app can be downloaded and installed for supported devices. CURRENTLY IN THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE (V5.9) & …

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Mobile App Updates 2017

We have created two separate pages, updated with the latest documentation, to explain the various application features for different operating systems and devices. Currently there are two applications. Windows 10 Android From today we will keep updated these pages for respective app.