The Peer-to-Peer network of MYETV

The “Peer-to-Peer” network of MYETV is a virtual, private, centralized, device-to-device network builded by users connected to the platform in real-time. This means your device will be verified and exposed to other devices, for the entire time you navigate into

The exposure of the device, to other devices, can be changed in the peer-to-peer options:

  • AVAILABLE TO: NOBODY (default). This mean your peer-to-peer connection will be available only for system communications
  • AVAILABLE TO: FOLLOWERS. This means will be available only to your followers
  • AVAILABLE TO: LOGGED USERS. This means will be available to all logged users inside the platform
  • AVAILABLE TO: PUBLIC. This means your peer-to-peer connection will be available for everyone that have your key

The “Actions Privacy Level” allows any user to choose if their actions are visible to the public or not; some actions like view contents or networks will trigger the Recent Views or Most Viewed features in the homepage and some analytics data to be collected for the public; select the preferred level of privacy of your device. Options are:

  • ACTIONS PRIVACY: PUBLIC. This is the default option only if the peer-to-peer network is enabled and running
  • ACTIONS PRIVACY: PRIVATE. This option let you view contents without leave a trace in recent watched or most watched


At the top-right of the page, and whenever the connection might be re-established, the peer-to-peer icon will change it’s color in base of the status of your connection into the network.

Users who are not logged in:

  • GREEN: peer connected. This means the connection to the p2p network is established with success; when the icon intermittence is enabled, it means you have received a message from the system or an action is required.
  • YELLOW: this is the initial status. This means the connection is being established.
  • ORANGE: you are blocked for some time (all blocks can last from 1 to 24 hours; when the icon becomes orange it’s means that someone has blocked your peer-to-peer keys inside the system, for a period of time, and it will not allow you to interact with other people on the platform. You can still use the MYETV platform but just for your own, your changes will not inflict other people. This will disable some actions like add new contents, bump contents in homepage’s recent views feature or advise contents.
  • RED: the peer is not connected. This means the system can’t connect the client inside the peer-to-peer network; could happens by unspecified number of reasons, also technical reasons. With this status the system will let you add new contents but not bump content in homepage’s recent views feature or advise contents.

For unlogged users the use of peer-to-peer network will change the way you can interact with other people in public, this means that if the connection is RED or ORANGE:
– you cannot advise contents
– you cannot bump content in recent views feature
– you cannot send any public or private messages

This is the icon of the peer-to-peer connection turned green and connected:

Users who are logged in:

  • BLUE: when you are logged in you don’t need more some features of the peer-to-peer network, so the icon will still blue whether you are connected to the peer-to-peer network or not; the manual check will tell you if you are connected or not, but in the moment that you are logged in you are already part of the network and you are already reachable with your account key.
  • ORANGE: your account is blocked to make some actions for some reasons; you can know more by clicking on the icon.

This is the icon of the peer-to-peer connection turned blue and connected:

Please note: this is an exclusive feature and in test phase and functionalities may change in the future


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