Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As always we wish you happy holidays with a post full of news and a lot of hope for the future. We will report this year later, as usual; here we dedicate a minute of time to all those people who have worked with us, to all the guys around the world who have written code that was then integrated into our platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system]. Italy, France, Germany, Spain, all the Europe, United Kingdom, Americas, Russia, China, India, Japan, Oceania. In 15 years, people from all five continents have built MYETV. Exactly. Because next year the MYETV brand will turn 15; and we are all proud of the path taken and the results obtained. In these long days we have also collaborated with the largest companies in the world such as Cloudflare, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and many others to improve our services in Europe and abroad; from this holidays we’ve also added a new app for a new operating system: LG WebOS; dealing with these giants of the telecommunications sector has really made us grow more and more every day. Our two social pages of Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/myetv.tv) and Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/myetvtv) also played a fundamental role in which we met new people and attracted many people; we have also recently opened our spaces on Discord and we have significantly expanded our internal spaces on MYETV by creating new network of contents-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners]. For the new year we also tested a new sharing method, inserting any comments from the owner of the share/content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] directly in the timeline with a maximum character limit of 255; this new feature will be activated for everyone starting from the new year (without necessarily using a MYAPP-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network]); this means that all shared content will be able to have a personalized comment from the author of the network of contents. Let’s make a list of new features that we will implement for the next year:

  • All the platform and this blog themes are decorated for Christmas and end of the year
  • Two new themes:
  • The design of the themes section of this blog is changed with some example of the theme
  • *New* coming soon: the owner of the network-[Network Owner]: [the owner(s) of the referenced network of contents (or Network)] of contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] can now share a comment with the content of max 255 character to show at the right of the content in the timeline or at the bottom of the content in the play page.
  • *New*: re-share any content from a network-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners] inside the network you own will be more easy with one button
  • *New* coming soon: added the recurring payment for MYCOINS to automatic renew the SPECIAL ACCOUNT
  • *New*: added the real value payment (€) for PAY-TV and PAY-TO-FOLLOW with a major fee and a new MYAPP to activate
  • Fixed the map section of the contents, the pics feature from landSat are no more available
  • Fixed the vectorial map colors and data
  • The argument in the timeline is now visible by default
  • Native Apps at https://downloadapp.myetv.tv:
  • The website at downloadapp.myetv.tv is updated with some new design
  • The timeline for the widescreen apps have minor changes
  • MYAPPS-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network]:
    • Added the “Paypal” MYAPP with that the owners of the network of contents can setup a paypal account-[Account]: [an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password] to receive instant payments where available, also as an addition to MYCOINS with additional fee for end user where available
    • Fiexed the download app
  • Special Account-[Special Accounts]: [an account with elevated privileges and/or access to special sections] will be updated with new features, coming soon
  • Many more… This document will be updated day by day

I take this opportunity to once again wish you happy holidays, wherever you are; We hope you all spend these days in peace and joy together with those you love. Thank you for staying with us and staying with us all this time. We have improved a lot also thanks to all of you.

This post will be updated every day during these festivities with new and surprises.
Have a nice day, beautiful people!

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