Halloweek – Halloween 2022

Halloween has never been so scary in this booOctober with the return to MYETV of Jack’o’Lantern and his evil games will keep us company for two weeks starting in the middle of this week. As we know Jack appears only in certain situations and therefore the first decorations have already been applied to await his return; when and if pumpkin appear at the top of the page, it means that you can meet Jack’o’Lantern and play with him and his games; he will make you choose between his two brothers and you will have to click on a pumpkin head to accessAccess the simple access to a website as a visitor the games and even win prizes or tricks. The #halloweek on MYETV is started from today, stay tuned every day to be part of the event and see the updates.

In addition, as we have always done, we will take advantage of this period to make news and updates to the whole platformPlatform the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system; below you will find a list of updates that we have already performed and that we will do in the course of #halloweek2022:

  • One new colored theme:
      • Boo-October: this halloween theme is formed by a violet background with an orange foreground colors
  • We’ve updated all the script and css tags to the latest versions, thanks to our CDN; this wil significantly improve the graphics and the design of all the platform, making it more fast and secure.
  • From now we can change the default theme for everyone from one in the list of available themes (if that is not manually selected); this will bring to our events and party some new funny colros. For this halloween 2022 we have chose “Pumpkin’s Revolt” theme, but we can change it every day if needed so stay tuned; the goldenrod theme will return as default when this event will be finished.
  • Owner of the networkNetwork Owner the owner(s) of the referenced network of contents (or Network) can now view which user saw their own contentsContents every content intended as text, images, audio or video with the date and the hour of the view, in the section “Views Activity” of the manage networkNetwork of Contents is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners page
  • Native ApplicationNative Applications the applications available for any operating system (eg. Microsoft, Android, FireOs) downloadable and installable updates:
    – The timeline design and features are being reviewed on all the Widescreen applications (Desktop or TVs)
    – The “watch now” feature is now optimized also for widescreen; the search engineSearch Engine is the application that deals with the search for content, networks or anything else on the platform is now optimized for the desktop app widescreen
    – An update for the Microsoft app is being rolled out with major improvements, added also the application settings
  • MYRC search engine is improved with new features
  • MYAPPMYAPPS applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network updates: the “block notes” now can add a custom text note to every contentContents every content intended as text, images, audio or video, if the “content” position is selected
  • Special AccountSpecial Accounts an account with elevated privileges and/or access to special sections will be updated with new features
  • The halloween design for the platform is being rolled out with news every days
  • Graphics and text fixed
  • The blog’s halloween design is here
  • The recurring donation is added to the donation page
  • Added the support for more languages to the Terms of services and the Privacy policy 
  • Many more… Stay tuned for more updates

Every day, for two weeks, we will add news and updates to this list; We remind you that none of us will take responsibility for Jack’o’Lantern’s actions through your dreams or nightmares. We hope that the situation will be balanced at Christmas; but it is better not to say it too loudly and not to be discovered. In the meantime, we wish you a scary Halloween 2022 and we advise you once again to stay with us to celebrate it in the best possible way.

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