HalloWeek – Halloween 2020

In these hard times the MYETV halloween doubles, starting from Monday 19th October until the end of the month the whole platform will be decorated for the holidays and every day there will be new updates and games for everyone. We have renamed this extended time span “Halloweek”. Spending some time improving the platform is the best thing to do, and this year #halloweek will last more than a week! For the first time ever, this year, Jack’o’Lantern will show his face and plays some games with all of us by choosing wich side the Trick’s side or the Treat’s side we can win disgusting prizes every days, you can trigger his games by follow the pumpkins that will appear on the screen when available; a lot of updates and improvements will be delivered over all this period. These list will be updated every days with news and updates every day:

  • New Themes; two new themes will be presented during the #halloweek event: … [to be updated]
  • From Monday 19 October Jack’o’Lantern will show his face on https://www.myetv.tv
  • OPTIONS button is now visible for everyone under the home tab:
    • AUTO-UPDATE CONTENTS *new feature*: this feature implement a new behaviour if activated will update the contents inside the timeline without any user interactions and only if there are new contents to show; if not activated to update the contents inside the timeline you must press the button whenever a new content is pulled. 
    • YOU CHOOSE: to always have privacy controls at your fingertips.
  • Security updates:
        • Added a new field in the edit profile “Secondary Email” used for security purposes only and for sending emails, it can’t be used for authentication purposes; this information is stored crypted with the same key of the personal informations fields. This field is available only for accounts who have verified the primary email correctly.
        • more coming soon…
  • Dropping support for browsers: https://www.myetv.tv will works with all modern browsers; major used browsers will have some version check:
        • Internet Explorer: from this update Internet Explorer (all versions) cannot be used and a warning banner will be shown to inform the user that using an older browser may broke some functionalities. Microsoft recently released the Edge Extension only for Internet Explorer 11 and this extension can be used to navigate into the website with the same engine of Edge.
        • Chrome: min. version: 57 (includes Chrome for mobile devices)
        • Edge: min. version 39
        • Firefox: min. version 50 (includes all browsers with the same engine)
        • Opera: min. version 50
        • Brave: min version 1
        • Vivaldi: min. version 1
        • Yandex: min. version 10
        • Unknown other browsers will be ignored from this checks
  • The App for Microsoft in the official Microsoft Store is updated to a new version with extended features
  • Created and delivered our first new logo all in pure-CSS
  • Added the new Pure-CSS logo also to the mobile app
  • Browsers icon (favicon) redesigned and improved
  • Improved the icons system (design and code update) – thanks to fontawesome and cdnjs
  • Improved the follow/unfollow button design
  • Improved the geo-language option with an updated algorithm
  • Builded the new notifications system for email, push and browser notifications
  • Added new notifications for registered and unregistered users
  • Added a new “edit network” button in the header on the top-left and is visible only to logged users and the owner of the network you are in
  • VOX: an update to VOX will be delivered in these days
  • General design updates (CSS) thanks to cdnjs
  • Footer section reinveted with new links and features
  • Header section redesignedto increase the speed of the platform
  • Images delivery reinvented to use more cache and the http2 push protocoll
  • more … (stay updated, we will update this document every days with a lot of updates!)

To view the most of these updates may be usefull to clear the cache of your browser. The halloweek on MYETV will be one of the longest ever for our developers, it’s 12 days of pure fun and new updates and features; starting with fun and games we will try to bring the most attractive update ever. Thanks to these days we will build our platform.

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