New email notification system and design updates

A few years ago we’ve maded the Notification System with new features and just a few months ago we’ve added new native notification system for desktop and mobile users; today i am pleased to announce a new email notification system with new templates and design, same for every email; plus a new recursive email for trendy hashtags and more, start from the 31 August 2020.
Example of the new activaton email:

Test email for confirm or activation of the user email at signup

Same template and design also for the automatic networks notification updates and the new daily recursive mass emails with trendy hashtags; example of the trendy hashtags email:

Test daily recursive email for trendy hashtags

Made the following changes and implemented the following anti-phishing technologies:

  • Trademarked Logo at the header of the page: the logo must link the correct website (note the https)
  • Link at the footer: emails must always show in the footer a link to edit/cancel the subscriptions from the platform
  • Technical email ID: all the emails sent by the platform are stored internal in a safe way with a technical ID to be reached from authorized personal in every moments; personal data, like email address, will not be logged
  • DKIM: know more how we crypt email in the privacy policy
  • QRCODE: when privacy or confidential matters, we add a qrcode at the footer of the email to verify the email in real-time with your QR-ready devices

This new email notification platform help us to be more productive and to reach more and more people. The privacy for the email notification settings can be edited in the “Edit Profile” section of every accounts; by following networks of contents email notifications settings can be edited in every “Follow Section” of the network of contents. The email notification system and settings differs from the Internal Notification (browser) or Push Notifications (mobile) settings.


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