Cumulative updates January/February/March 2019

It’s time to present a new format for our updates that remain till the end of this year. Updates for MYETV are published here every 3 months; this page refer the updates of January, February and March 2019.

These updates are focused to improve existing features like myapps or mycoins or myrc or others and it also introduce a new way to bring the official documents of this blog inside the platform. This document will be updated in these 3 months, to highlight new features that will be added; when something will change in these 3 months will be reported here. Let’s start write what we have done from now:
  1. The official Cookie Policy, with the Privacy Policy, documents are now embed directly from this blog inside the platform via API
  2. MYRC is disappeared from the right sidebar; instead there are the platform settings, where you can setup settings for timeline and others things of the platform or informations about the Network
  3. Some of new design features with tips are now added and visible only to owner of networks of contents
  4. MYAPP sections now have an icon to modify them, visible only to owner of the networks
  5. MYAPP ADVERTISING: this new app leave the complete control of advertising to the Networks; there are 3 positions: one for every content, one for the timeline, one for the network and one for every contents inside the network; and 2 types: MYCOINS REVENUE and CUSTOM CODE. The first is automatically created and the Network will earn MYCOINS as virtual credits every months; the second let the owner of the network type a customized code to show. [betatesting]
  6. MYAPP SERIES: this new app let the Network creates infinite series of existing contents to let them show to the audience. The content must be shared with MYETV with the same Network. [betatesting]
  7. The sharer is changed and now it is open in modal window
  8. MYCOINS sections are under updates…
  9. Visual Notifications are added to the existing notifications system; a cloud at the bottom-right of the page will highlight all the new notifications of the users
  10. Added the GEOIP features in the “Sharing Tools” section; network of contents can restrict the GEOIP feature at the moment of the sharing of the contents. GEOIP will work for 240 country and/or 512 languages around the World.
  11. The Network must have the MYAPP “VERIFY” enabled in order to use all others MYAPPS; follow the instructions on the screen to verify the account before using features.
  12. When the Name, Surname, Gender and Date of Birth are saved in the network, and the network is verified, the owner can edit them anytime but not deleting them.
  13. The “favicon” logo has changed it’s design for all the platform
  14. All the timelines have undergone important changes; infinite scroll is now disabled. Paging, filter and lenght controls are now available for everyone. More informations soon…

More informations and news are coming soon… Check this document weekly. Stay tuned, folks!

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