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As we promise, we deliver: the new MyeTV is finally online with a lot of news and surprises! The #codechange is going well, except for some small hitch that will be fixed; we reserve the right to let run the beta code for some months. I try to enumerate to you some of the new features of the website and which of these features is currently under development and coming soon:

  • Written with a completely new machine code (PHP7)
  • Sanitized and changed all the client-side scripts with the new JQuery3 (beta-mode)
  • Secured all the password with a strong encryption-[Encryption]: [to change electronic information or signals into a secret code (= system of letters, numbers, or symbols) that people cannot understand or use on normal equipment]: you must change your past password if you want login-[Login]: [an act of logging in to a computer, database, website or system] with your existing account-[Account]: [an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password], or make a completely new one. You can login with your existing account for 6 months; if you don’t login in this time period, you can lost your account. To reset the account after this period, please send an email to admin@myetv.tv. Social Logins are currently under development and will be ready soon.
  • Secured and authenticate the users with a completely new code
  • 80% faster than before (-1 sec. load time vs 4 sec. load time)
  • GEOIP cookies & querystring: we’ve abandoned the querystring languages and, instead, make it work with a cookie that you can setup when you chose your language (in the main menu). To reach the website you should write https://www.myetv.tv instead of https://www.myetv.tv/UK
  • TimeWall: a new website to play https://www.timewall.tv (under development)
  • Privacy Updates: you can now post your content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] and make it accessible in various way; privacy options comprends: visibility of your content in our search engines (Visibility), accessibility of your content through our platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] (Accessibility), GEOIP restrictions (GEOIP) and PEGI restrictions (PEGI)
  • TimeWall and MyWall (privacy updates): your TimeWall is your personal profile; MyWalls are like brand pages; with your TimeWall you can post contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] only with the Visibility Option setted to registered users (Only Logged Users) or followers-[Follower]: [a follower refers to a person who subscribes to your account or network in order to receive your updates] or private( just for you). To post a public content you must open your MyWall and post it there. You can always switch a content from TimeWall to MyWall and viceversa. Important: all the public contents posted from private walls, before this update, will have automatically switched the Visibility to “Only Logged”.
  • New MyWalls manage section for registered users: this feature is considered in beta-testing
  • Three new search engines to have fun (more informations coming soon…)
  • A new Advertising Platform https://www.myetv.tv/adplatform
  • A new PREMIUM-[Special Accounts]: [an account with elevated privileges and/or access to special sections] section for registerded users: the PREMIUM account-[Special Accounts]: [an account with elevated privileges and/or access to special sections] will be divided in various aspect and let you discover the alpha-testing features: this feature is considered in beta-testing
  • A completely new MyApp-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network] section for registered users: this feature is considered in beta-testing
  • A completely new sharer-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform] with drag&drop uploads, mycloud and link sharer: these features are considered in beta-testing
  • A completely new personal profiles and edit contents sections
  • Better UI for better integration: responsive, different and ready for every mobile devices
  • You can now hide sidebars manually and when you are watching a content the screen saver animation will hide your page, you can disable this feature in the section “GENERAL OPTIONS” by chose another theme from the active ones.
  • A new skin setup features for homepage and profiles: these features are considered in beta-testing
  • You must accept the Cookies Policy in order to use, login or signup in MyeTV
  • Reviewed and updated the Cookies Policy, the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services

…And that’s not all, folks!!! We have a lot of new surprises coming soon! Take a moment to read our works in these months and what we have done here: https://blog.myetv.tv/2015/08/17/best-of-the-world-holywinter-codechange-php/

We love your feedback! Send us an email or follow us on our social networks to stay updated with the latest news. Thank you guys & girls for making it possible!!! We love you.

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