Tacking of 180 degrees in air

The position of some elements in the header has changed forever; read here to know more...
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We’ve welcomed you to the new MyeTV with our exclusively codechange managed the whole past year; however, work is not done yet. Some features are currently in development included the new website timewall.tv. From today we’ve flip the elements in the header of 180 degrees for every users in the world; we think it’s a more comfortable and simple UI, unique and awesome.

exchange-512You can find all the informations of before, you just have to look at different position; this is not part of the codechange evolution but was studied with our designer and theme developers to bring some action to our works; theme developers could change the position of the elements in the future for some specific channel.


Stay tuned, folks! A lot of new surprises coming soon on www.myetv.tv !!!

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