The #codechange is started; please wait for the completion of works on the website


The #newmyetv is coming!!! As i wrote in the 4th chapter of the #codechange, called #innovation, we are  revolutionizing the entire website with new codes and new features. We are jumping from our beloved script language asp from a real code language php; for that we need some time to make all the features work and back online again. We will temporarily redirect you to our new website just for the time to make the new myetv up and running (it may take from several hours to a few days); meanwhile you can discover all our work in these days and months and you can leave a feedback to us and leave your email to be the first to know when the new myetv is online; as i said before it may take from several hours to a few days and we will continue in the next days to improve the new website with a lot of new features.

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned with our updates from our officials social networks brand pages:

Have a nice days, folks! See you again in some hours!!!

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