Advertising Platform


The new Advertising Platform is finally available at

Inside MYETV there are some advertising/rewards actions that uses MYCOINS.

  • ADVISE CONTENT: it’s called “ADVISE NOW” and you can advertise any type of content on MYETV timeline; this advertising will be displayed in the timeline of the users and will respect the privacy and the geoip options of the content; MYCOINS are offered to logged users who view the content in the next 24 hours.
  • Express a negative opinion: this feature is for downvote the content and/or request a PEGI restriction for that content (the wizard will guide you once you click this button)
  • Share contents: the new sharer is a good way to share any contents in any external social network, email or applications

We will update this document everytime we add new features. Have a nice days, folks!!!

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