Download Content (MYAPP)

This update is part of the 14th anniversary of MYETV the new MYAPP called “Download Content” will show to the audience a button to download the content to view it offline if it’s an uplaoded video or image or to go directly to the original URL if it’s a shared content. The download is at maximum speed available and can be started only by press the button (the link is protected and will expire).


This app can be deployed once the owner of the network of contents is verified; at the moment of the creation or edit the owner can choose: the name of the app (to recognize it), the description (a free description of what is), the positions, the icon to show and the geoip restrictions; it can possible also to select who can download the file “everyone” (available only to who have a special account activated), “only logged users” or “only me”. A direct download button will be shown to the audience; to view the button this MYAPP must be selected in the “edit content” page.


Contents: with this selected position a button will show under the selected content and the specified content can be downloaded for offline use;when this position is selected the owner can select a checkbox to show the button in every contents of the network (also where this MYAPP is not selected for a specified content)

Timeline: with this selected position a button will be shown in the timeline for the selected content and the content can be downloaded


  • To access at the feature the owner must have an own Network of Contents and must have access to MYAPPS
  • MYAPPS Guidelines and limits
  • If the content is uploaded, always the best quality of the content will be downloaded
  • The download button can work only inside the website of MYETV and cannot be embed in third party websites
  • The download link is protected and will expire immediately (the link will auto-generate at the load of the page)
  • The download speed is unlimited, bandwidth is throttled at 150% of the content’s bitrate
  • The downloaded content can be viewed offline without limitations
  • The button is always visible, if “only logged users” or “only me” is selected the download will faIl if the user is not logged ands an error message will be displayed with the explanation
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