Welcome Twitter Bootstrap 5

We’ve done it! After a long time and many tests since the release of the new Twitter Bootstrap v.5 we finally managed to move from version 4 to the brand new version 5 which guarantees us greater stability, security and ease of use for everyone developers and users. This new version of the graphical framework allows us first of all to extend the Bootstrap warranty again for the next 4 years with regular updates and also allows us to implement new features. The transition from version 4.x to version 5.x was not the easiest, numerous breaking changes were performed and we had to modify over 1,000 files for a total of about 100,000 lines of code rewritten. In terms of graphics and usability it will change a lot, I will try to list the numerous benefits and changes of this step:

  • Twitter Bootstrap 5 will be our main graphics framework for the next 4 years as well
  • A brand new css and javascript framework files from our main cdn
  • Faster to load and with less dependecies from jquery (loaded separately)
  • Improved graphics components and behaviors:
      • Forms redesigned
      • Datatables updated and redesigned
      • Tabs codes rewritten
      • Dropdown menu codes rewritten
      • Modals codes rewritten
      • Grid system improved
  • More than 1000 files changes, about 100.000 lines of codes modified
  • More features will be added on top of the new instruments in Bootstrap v.5

All of these changes will be active by the end of this week; we remind you that for some browsers it may be necessary to delete the cache for these changes to be active. Once activated it will no longer be possible to go back to the current graphic framework.

These enhancements are part of MYETV‘s 14th anniversary which will take place on July 1st 2022 and, from the moment of their activation, they will be considered in beta testing for 2 months.

Thanks for reading, folks.

For the Halloweek 2022 we’ve updated all the script and css also for the Twitter Bootstrap to the latest version.

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