IFTTT – How to post automatically on third party social media

On MYETV it is possible to publish content from third-party sources but it is also possible to publish exclusive content which can, in turn, also be published on third-party social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or others. To obtain this result, services based on IFTTT (IF This Then That) technology are used which can compare and publish, in the form of links, the new contents coming from an Atom/RSS feed. One of the most popular services with which these results can be achieved is IFTTT.com which gives you the ability to connect hundreds of third party platforms and build your own artificial intelligence based on “If This”, “Then That”; the platform with a feature called “Applet” will check your Atom/RSS feed and republish it on the third-party services you have connected, thanks to some “Triggers” that you setup. Let’s see in detail how it works and where to retrieve the Atom/RSS feed of your network of contents of MYETV.

Where to retrieve the Atom/RSS feed of my network

You can find the feeds of your MYETV content network via the main menu “Information on my Networks” or by viewing your content network and opening the information or via a direct link similar to this https://www.myetv.tv/rss/?network=myetv where after “?network=” you put the final part of the url of your network of contents. The RSS/Atom feed will have the same privacy settings as your content network: if the privacy is private or for registered users only, the RSS/Atom feed will also have those restrictions. In order to use a feed outside MYETV, it must remain accessible to the public for the entire duration of use; therefore the privacy of your network must be set to “public” and accessible to all without registration or login. You cannot use HTTP authentication on third party services.

How to use IFTTT

IFTTT is a technology used by many third-party services, one of the most famous is certainly IFTTT.com from which we take inspiration for this guide.

  1. Register and log in to the IFTTT platform and create your first “Applet
  2. Choose the third-party service / platform / social media with which you want to interact with your Atom/RSS feed
    (for example: Twitter)
  3. Follow the instructions to authorize IFTTT with your previously chosen platform account
    (authorize Twitter to tweet as you)
  4. At this point you see the page “If This (add)“, “Then That“; press on the “ADD” button of the “If This” first instruction
  5. Search for “RSS” and press on the button “RSS Feed” to add your frist instructions
  6. Select “New feed item: This Trigger fires every time a new item is added to the feed you specify.”
  7. Type your Atom/RSS feed URL in the box and press on “Create Trigger
  8. Press on the “ADD” button of the “Then That” second instruction
  9. Search for the “Twitter” service and select it
  10. Select “Post a tweet: This Action will post a new tweet to your Twitter account. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service.”
  11. If you have connected your Twitter account previously, you do not need to do anything other than press the “Create Action” button
  12. You can also customize the tweet, by default it should be [entity title] and [entity url] and the tweet will have the title of the content plus the linked url as attachment.
    You have done; you can repeat the same procedure with hundreds of other third party social media

Every hour the automatic process will check the feed url and if new contents will be found then a post on your third party social media will be posted with the title and the url of your content on MYETV.

Third Party Services of IFTTT

The major and popular services are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (pages included)
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Android Device
  • Android SMS
  • Discord
  • Dropbox
  • RSS Feed
  • Fitbit
  • Gmail

See the list of all supported services here: https://ifttt.com/services

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