VOX Upload [behind the scenes]

Many messengers out there encrypt conversations but do not properly encrypt sent files which can be read easily on clients’ devices; for this purposes you must use a strong encryptionEncryption to change electronic information or signals into a secret code (= system of letters, numbers, or symbols) that people cannot understand or use on normal equipment mechanism. Today we are present to you one of the new feature, coming soon for the UnLimited Updates 2021, for sending encrypted files in a one-to-one conversation with our VOX messenger: the shared password. This password is taken randomly from the conversation key, in turn taken from the two p2pPeer-To-Peer Network is a network made up of many p2p keys that can communicate with each other held together by a central system that can control them keys of the conversation, that is unique for every partecipants of the conversation; when one of the two p2p keys will change, the shared password will change too making the last one obsolete and as never used. This shared password will have the power to encrypt automatically all your files that you will send in that conversation so when the other part will open it the shared password, encrypted with AES inside the file, is required. For this purposes we use a properly softwareProgram/Software the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs to convert the uploaded file into an encrypted .zip file protected with a password; the password will be the shared password of the conversation. This is one of the most safest way to share files in the next future with +VOX and coming soon much more features:

  • Send files from the gallery of the device (max 100.MB)
  • Send audio/video files directly from microphone/camera of the device (max 100MB)
  • Send .zip files and encrypt files with shared password (max 100MB)

Both features are brand new to +VOX and will take some time to implement for everyone and tested; our +VOX messenger is not a “normal messenger” but is designed to be used by anyone, without registration, but only if the two parts are ready to use it and some of these new advanced features may require you to register for an accountAccount an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password. We worked hard to find a point in agreement and when we found it we worked to strengthen it: the limits on uploading files. In fact we have imposed limits (100MB) for registered users, which will be halved for unregistered users (50MB); moreover the +VOX messenger has been built to automatically delete messages, once delivered, and therefore also the files sent will be automatically deleted when the chosen time expires; an option will be available only for registered users to copy the file sent, if these are from audio/video recordings, into the MYCLOUD to be downloaded later.

How the new Shared Password works?

The shared password is taken randomly from the conversation key, as shown in the image below in our test

you can display these informations by press on the “lock” icon at the top of every one-to-one conversation of +VOX messenger; this shared password will be used whenever you send a file to the partecipants of the conversation, the file will be ecnrypted and protected with this password stored with AES inside the file and delivered as .zip file to the partecipants of the conversation; when the file will be downloaded and received on the machines of the partecipants the .zip file will ask for a password, that is the shared password of the conversation. Remember that the displayed shared password will change whenever one partecipant change it’s p2p keyPeer-To-Peer Key it is a key assigned by the central system to the user and can identify him within the same system, making the last shared password obsolete; in this way the next file you will send will be protected with a new password. Nobody will know the shared password, apart from the participants of the conversation, and the file can’t be opened without it.

How the uploadUpload the action by a owners of the network of sending an image or audio or video file (named as content) from the device works?

+VOX will soon give the possibility to share audio or video files inside the conversation directly from your device, thanks to the native controls that our upload application is equipped with; however we have decided that some of these features can only be used by registered users, such as the ability to record videos; even if with the usual limitations (mentioned above) we have decided to make the audio sending functionality available to everyone. The upload system will record your audio, coming from the microphone of your device, and will upload it ready to be sent unprotected (listenable “on the fly” via player) or protected and downloadable with the shared password feature. The upload application is a simple one with a limit of 100MB for registered users and 50MB for unregistered +VOX users.

Is this safe?

+VOX is an experimental feature of MYETV using telephone numbers and is our official internal messenger available for everyone and is one of the most encrypted messenger in the World; to use +VOX two people must be connected in the same time with the p2p key on PUBLIC. By offering encryption and protection ensure that nobody will be able to open encrypted files, except the recipient; we have no control or responsibility over password protected files that cannot be opened by anyone who does not know the shared password of the conversation. The shared password is an exclusive mechanism and is 100% safe because the password is taken randomly and because it can change over time.

All these new +VOX features are on the way to be developed very soon; the works on this feature was more difficult and hard than usual and some features will be implemented day after day and initially available for registered users. We can’t wait to make them available for everyone.

Thanks for reading this, folks! Keep the day good :) 

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