Winter 2020 is coming…

Autumn is almost starting but we’re continuing to work on MYETV also thinking about next winter; we still have to face COVID19 emergency in the World so we are still limited in movements and human resources; in addition to these emergency we have defeated a cyber attack the 30 August 2020 that aimed part of our infrastructure and our ISP provider the last one causing the complete shutdown of the internet in part of Europe and United States. The alarm was launched at the morning of 30 August 2020; the attack, the real one, lasted about 2 minutes, the machines were offline for about 4 hours, the time necessary for our engineers to update all the security certificates, to restore the services and exclude other similar behaviour. We remember that all data stored in the databases is encrypted and our network-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners] is safe for everyone.

Today we are talking about what to do this Winter and the expectations are so many… MYETV have two importants and traditional events this Winter: Halloween and Christmas(or New year eve). We have postponed most of the 2020 Birthday updates for Winter 2020 and we will add and improve more and more… Let’s say we just have deployed a new project called coming soon for this Winter 2020

So… Thank you to stay with us and to continue to stay with us :) have a nice time, folks! See you soon

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