Happy 12th birthday MYETV

It ‘s the time of year to sing Happy Birthday to MYETV®, and it is the 12th times, but Warner® does not let us to use his song for the festivities, so we update the entire site so that you can send the same song to your friends without breaking balls to half the world. I was just kidding :) don’t pirate!!!

For this year we have prepared great surprises, in addition to the great work done in recent months; the MYETV‘s platform is nowadays one of the best platform in the entire web with a lot of unique and best features in the world. Let’s know what we have done:

  • During the month will be presented some new colored themes as surprises
  • VOX: successfully activated in more areas of the World.
  • VOX: added the “Block key” or “block number” feature to block undesired messages (currently in testing)
  • VOX: the send files features will be activated (currently in testing)
  • All the platform got the Birthday update: design, features, speed and security are under the eyes
  • Internal Video player has been updated to the latest version with new features
  • The mobile app for Android reached the version 5.0 and got published on the GooglePlay Store and on the Amazon AppStore
  • Added a new link management different from desktop (link behaviour) or mobile apps (native)
  • Added a new sharing feature different for desktop (new browser window) or mobile app (native)
  • The sharer platform got an huge update; the sharer now ask you if you want to share or upload contents before showing up (in testing some new features)
  • Sharing external URL as some arguments like “news” will now show a notice before they are shared and the source of the content in the timeline will be always visible, this will help us preventing fake news or contents that should not be considered as “news” argument
  • Added about 470 languages from all over the World to the MYETV’s site language selection, for everyone
  • The MYCLOUD feature is updated with new features
  • A lot of MYAPPS are updated with new features
  • Added a new Map system
  • Added the Map Markers MYAPP
  • Updated the Calendar App
  • Adjusted menus and links
  • Added the ability to publish contents ahead of time and integration with the calendar app
  • Canvas animated backgrounds are completely removed speed and stability of the entire platform is improved
  • Most features are already operative. During the entire month we will add and update all the features…

This year MYETV‘s birthday has undergone several changes due to the situation created as a consequence of the pandemic COVID19; many of our collaborators struggle to reach each other because of the terror situation created by world governments and people. For this and other reasons we have decided to start an autonomous protest, aimed at all MYETV content networks, to shed light on the bad situations and the damage in which some institutions or authorities have created us. We will activate a special badge, such as MYAPP, which will be shown on content networks to raise public awareness of these problems for us; we just ask you to publish contents with geolanguage restrictions, content owners will be able to decide whether or not to activate it.

Thanks to your perseverance, your courage, your friendship, your advice and suggestions we are still here and we will be here again for a very long time. The whole platform, during this month, is celebrating; we are all back to work and we are all fine. But no one will forget the hard path we have made to get this far; our blog is always here at https://blog.myetv.tv for all of you to try to clarify your ideas and give you the right evidence on the wonderful and very hard work that has been done in these months.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, folks!!!

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