Cumulative updates July/August/September 2019

The updates for MEYTV continues… Updates for these months are focused on security, performance and speed. We have celebrated the 11th birthday of MYETV and we have already updated and almost added some new features… There is a list on what we have done and what we will do next:

  • THE BIRTHDAY: The 1st of July 2019 we have celebrated the 11th birthday of MYETV!!!
  • If you signup a new account in the month of July 2019 you will receive a free GIFT-CARD to redeem of the value of 11 MYCOINS; not only, the official store will gift the 11% more of MYCOINS at every purchase! This offers last for the entire month of JULY 2019.
  • BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION: added the new biometric authentication feature that lets the user login with an image file. The feature can be toggle ON/OFF in the “edit profile” section.
  • PLAYWALL UPDATED: the PLAYWALL is now a MYAPP and the networks can activated it or deactivate it like any others MYAPPS; plus more feature is added.
  • NEW FEATURE: “time-controls” let the network of contents publish a content and make it private or only for followers after a period of time. This feature will work also for program the publish of new contents in the future. [in testing]
  • PLAYER UPDATE: the seek functionality of the HTML5 player is now fixed completely
  • FEATURE UPDATED: the contents inside the PLAYWALL can now be ordered as “recent watched”, “recent contents”, “most viewed contents” or “random contents”; every mode have different ways to display contents. Only the owner of the Network can edit this settings.
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS: we have done some works aimed to bring a better performance to all the platform.
  • DESIGN: fixed some design and celebrated the 4th of July 2019 with the U.S.A. flag in the official MYETV’s logo
  • DESIGN: changed the homepage for unregistered users with the “ADVISED” section instead of random adv
  • FEATURE: added the “ADVISED” section at the top of the page for all unregistered (not logged in) users; this feature show all the advised contents from users inside MYETV and will display them one by one, updated randomly at the refresh, for one week from the advise; if there aren’t advised contents instructions on how to advise contents will show.
  • MENU IMPROVEMENTS: added the new section called “SECURITY AND PRIVACY” in the left menu only for logged users.
  • PRIVACY POLICY: updated and published the privacy policy with the biometric authentication feature; fixed some technical issues with the Privacy Policy.
  • SECURITY: improvements on security and “remember me” feature.
  • SECURITY: added the new public DEFENSE NETWORK
  • UPDATED FEATURE: MYCOINS section is updated with new offers and features
  • UPDATED FEATURE: improvements in the search engine and the “order by” feature, now work.
  • UPDATED FEATURE: improvements on the “SHAKE” feature (toggle ON/OFF), only for registered users, that allow the user to filter all the contents only for the following networks list.
  • UPDATED FEATURE: improvements inside the network of contents page and urls.
  • UPDATED FEATURES: improvements and fixes for the search engine.
  • UPDATED MAIN MENU: the main menu at the left of the page is changed for logged users and will show up in some predefined pages; design is improved
  • UPDATED FEATURE: the notifications space have a new section called “ADVISE” for every users
  • more updates coming soon…

We testing new features everydays and we will release them when we think they are ready for the public and usefull for some specific purposes; the updates for these months will continue and this document will be updated every time a feature will be updated or a new feature will be addedd. Stay tuned to know more and read more updates coming soon.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day, folks!!!

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