The Contents Networks are here

Bye Bye Time Walls ! From today everything related to “Time Walls” inside MYETV will be called “Contents Networks” or “Networks of Contents” or just “Networks“; updated the Terms of Services with this change. This is one of the great change after the #9years celebrations (you’ve lost them?! Ouch… SORRY!). We’ve updated and fixed various aspect of the video player and the way you choose the quality and the way the encoding process works for videos; this update we’ve added a check on the original file to know the dimensions (if HD or not) and allow the user to choose the best quality based on the original video; we’ve also added a new quality called “HDTV” and will encode the video at 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p (viewers can choose their best quality).

We’ve added the Network Status checks to know in every moments if there are some problems in the main communications with our services; basically we ping our services every X minutes to know if they are online or not and we save anonymous statistical data for 30 days.

We have fixed some features of the Custom Events app with the end date/time so you can, for example, specify and end time for a live streaming app in your network and we have fixed various aspect of the design and features.

We’ll turn back later this month with an update of the Android App. Have a nice day, folks!!!

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