August 2017 updates. Turning back in time.

We’ve been offline for one day to maintenance our environment. The reason because we take too long resides in a mistake. That is a little unexpected sweet surprise; in fact, due to a corrupt update in one of the new operating systems we were forced to go back in time, with regard to the data stored, until 7 July 2017. This means that we have lost any user-generated posts and accounts subscribed until that date (this blog too, there is 1 post lost). To prevent this inconvenience in the future, we have set up various secure data backups every day.

In the meantime we have updated the Windows10 Mobile App and planning to update the Android Mobile App soon with new features, assets and layouts.

If you subscribed after the 7 July 2017 you must subscribe again; if you need assistance you can contact us at our social networks page here:


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