AntiFlood System

Too many requests” this is a protection warning and that means that you have exceeded the max requests limit for every users; for example you could hit the refresh button of your browser and update the page many times till cause this issue. To resolve this issue, you must wait from 10 seconds to 2 minutes without interact with the MYETV‘s platform depends on what you have do.


You have opened many browser tabs?
Close them and wait 10 seconds (or wait till the loading bar reach the end) then refresh the homepage or the page you’ve requested.

You have requested the page many times?
Close the page you have requested and wait 10 seconds (or wait till the loading bar reach the end) then refresh the page you have requested.

Too much errors of this type?
Signup or login with your account to increase the limits of the antiflood protection.

Just wait from 10 seconds to 2 minutes

Traditional page requests
AJAX (javascript) page request


We have introduced a peer-to-peer system for everyone (unregistered and registered users); to know more about how this p2p network work read here: The Peer-to-Peer network of MYETV

If the problem persist on your device please try to close and reopen the browser or try to signup and login or change the device or the browser. For this to work we need to store some ecndrypted data from your Internet Address Protocol and your device and/or some other data like the time of the request. These data are stored in a safe place and are passed only if someone trigger the antiflood protection and will be deleted instantly when they will not need more.

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