Step by step…

Last week at MyeTV we focused the works to improve some little fix on the design and code. We are adding the users management for MyWalls (part of that is just builded with the past mega-pack-v4 updates); wall owners can add editors, moderators and content providers to help build the wall together (some of this features will be tested in the next weeks). We have added a new statistics design for charts (and the new statistics platform will come in the next month); little change for the MyApps world: you can now select only the MyApp associated with your MyWall (if you publish with two different MyWalls you must have two MyApps, one for every MyWall); and in the tab of the MyWall will be only visible the selected icon (mouse over to read the title of the App). We also change a little more the upload systems: after the great coming of the MyCloud Platform we change the way to upload and save the user’s avatar (or profile image for MyWalls), now you can select it from your cloud; and we add a new feature called “Fast Save”, if checked, your contents will be automatically saved and published after double click on it or open it (title, description and tags are taken from the filename and you can change them later with privacy settings). We add the “now playing” feature on the Search Engine with our exclusively Instant Play (or #). We’ve updated the YouTube API, for the sharer and others things, to the V3 version (the newest one); we’ve added the “Go to MyWall” button in the menu at the right-top of the screen, to have a more simple access to your personal Wall. We finally finished the geo-vectorial-mapping for all the countryes in the world and added a new system to count views (with abbreviations) and date; we’ve added the duration in the timeline for YouTube’s videos and contents.

Many improvements have been made and many other works are to be completed soon.
Stay Tuned, folks!

We love you all!

il girasole e la farfalla14


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