The exact moment of your post is in the Timeline !

We add a new feature on the Timeline to discover the exact moment of your post, translated in every languages (thanks to the GeoIP) and with every timezone. We use our predefined client-side real-time library to format date and time in every languages; don’t need to reload the entire page to know the exact date/time of the post.

You can look at the bottom of every post in the timeline and find something like:

… I could be offended!
An hour ago” (demostrative example).

If you over the mouse you can read the exact date and time (dd/mm/aaaa H:M:S GMT) of the post. This feature is included with the MyRC update on the feed (timeline) section.

We have a lot of new features ready and to add in the future! Discover all of them around MyeTV !!!

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