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Hey, it’s translation time at MyeTV! With the comes of the #codechange and #newmyetv we will redefine all the code structure for the website. I inform you that i know nearly 20 languages (including computing languages) and only 5 of that are spoken languages by humans… But! I have you! Not? Yes! So… Let me see all the power of that wonderful community.

We are planning to translate MyeTV in the following languages:

  • English (100% – default language for non translated texts)
  • Italian (100%)
  • French (searching for translators…)
  • Spanish (searching for translators…)
  • German (searching for translators…)
  • Chinese (searching for translators…)
  • Japanese (searching for translators…)
  • Russian (searching for translators…)

We paln also to translate MyeTV in others languages soon; theoretically there are no limits in the addition of new languages. You want MyeTV translated in a particular language? Just ask and help us to translate.

You can send us an email at with your willingness to help us to translate MyeTV; we will send to you the English version (or whatever your preferred language) of the pages to translate in the language that you chosen.

We can really handle all languages you want. Together.

To get the works, please send us and email at with your conteatct deatils and your spoken/written languages and we will reply at you as fast as possible!!!

I wish you a nice day, folks!!!


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