Machine Translations improved with Artificial Intelligence

Today we have revolutionized part of the MYETV platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] with a new translation system builded exclusively for this purpose; the improvement was not so easy to apply so we had to shutdown the entire platform for some hours (we make it in the night [europe time!]). This work permit to us to translate all the platform with new languages, with predefined translations models and e new translation engine offered thanks to LibreTranslate. Libre Translate is a machine translation software-[Program/Software]: [the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs] that allow us to translate anything without any limits; for this, with the english model builded by the deveopers the MYETV platform, we have translated all the paltform in a lot new languages like:
Italian, Spanish, French, German (this four languages was already present, written manually)
Dutch, Swedish, Slovak, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Ukranian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean

There are a total of 25 different languages (with the default english) right now and this number will increase in the future with new machine translations models. Let’s take a look on how we have done this and how it works for our workers; from today there is no need to manually translate text, but there is need to supervised the translated texts.

It was not easy to create this automation; first of all we had to apply all the language models we wanted to LibreTranslate (the translation software); after which we took, from a previously created database, the English model of MYETV (the one with the words and phrases to be translated) and subjected it to an intensive translation from English into the desired language, saving the result on another database; in doing so we have created the translation base for the MYETV artificial intelligence which will take care of taking them and putting them in the right place. In addition to all this, the translation has also been automated so that every time we insert a new term in English into the source database, it is automatically translated into all available languages and saved on the databases of the respective language with learning improvements.

For making this, in these days, the MYETV platform was going offline for some time; we aplogize for this inconvenience, there is no need to worry, it’s all been planned to be able to do this job.

This was created with love, for everyone. Thanks for reading this!

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